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Aug 10, 2012 11:39 AM

question about how to save boards or threads and finding my posts...

Hello, I'm very new here and only today posted on a thread about cast iron pans...but I'm having trouble finding it again. I finally found on my profile where it says my saved threads should be..but I'm not sure how to save a thread. Also under 'my posts' neither of my posts show.
I apologize if this has been asked a million times...I tried searching and it kept coming back with odd recipes! :)
Thanks in advance!

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  1. When you post a reply on a thread after a few minutes the thread title should appear on your Profile page on the left hand side under the heading My Recent Threads.

    To save a thread Click on the "Save To Profile" button at the top of the thread you want to save. It will appear on your profile page under the button My Activity - Following.

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    1. To save a board, click on the star icon at the top of the board index or any thread; it should turn yellow, and the name of the board should appear in the My Saved Boards drop-down menu at the top of the page, next to Chowhound,

      To save a particular thread to your profile, click the Save to Profile button at the top of the first post in the thread. The thread will appear under Saved Topics in the Following section of your profile.

      Any thread you post in should appear under Threads in the My Activity section of your profile. The reason you are not seeing your post on your profile page is that it was a comment on a CHOW story, and comments on articles and blog posts do not show on your profile page; only threads on the Chowhound forums (like this one) will be listed there.

      Here is the Best of Chowhound Home Cooking post you commented on:

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      1. re: The Chowhound Team

        Thanks a bunch Chowhound Team! I didn't realize the difference in the article vs thread...and thanks for the other info too! Now I should be able to navigate a bit better!
        Appreciate the help! :)

        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          I'm sooooooo sorry to bug you again ... but I clicked on the link you gave to get back to the article ... is the a way to save articles? Because on the article I don't see either a star or a save button. Thanks!

          1. re: DolphinChick

            Several options to save the article. Email it to yourself, or bookmark it in your browser.