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Aug 10, 2012 11:00 AM

Special Occassion restaurant in downtown Miami?

Hi, visiting Miami from NYC next week and need to plan a birthday dinner for two. we'll be staying in downtown Miami the beginning of the week. Can someone suggest a special occassion restaurant in the area. Bday boy is turning 40 and likes all food except maybe Indian. No budget. Thank you!

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  1. I might suggest heading just a little north to the Design District and either Michael's Genuine or Michey's. I would have been very happy to dine at either of these for my 40th!

    I hope you enjoy your stay!



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          Tuyo's food is on another level. If scene is very important though zuma might be superior.

      1. Michael's Genuine, Tuyo, Azul, or River Oyster Bar.

        I included ROB because I just had a fantastic meal there Saturday night and had forgotten how good that menu is. If you like seafood, this is a great spot. Even if you don't pick this place, definitely hit it for happy hour 1/2 priced oysters. The selection is awesome.

        If you want a lively scene, good bar program, and great food, Michael's is the call. It's north of downtown though. Tuyo is a more intimate spot with a great view and the meal I had there was exceptional. Not sure what kind of crowd Azul gets early in the week but the food is terrific and very creative.

        1. i think scene might be important only because it's a birthday celebration, so i'm hoping for good food as well as atmosphere whole package kind of thing. sounds like zuma might fit the bill. have also read good things about il gabbiano on these boards. is that downtown and would you recommend?

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          1. just wanted to update. we went to kuma. good food but super loud. food was nothing too inventive. we ate in the lounge due to the inability to get a reservation for the dining room on short notice which was fine. definitely trendy and a scene, but not romantic if that's what you're looking for. everything is for sharing so i'd suggest it for a night when you just want to order a few small plates and have a few drinks. oh and just wanted to add, our server was perfectly nice, but annoyingly absent.

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              In Miami, I am happy when the waiter is nice and happier when one is absent. Nothing is more annoying than a perky American waiter, generally speaking of course.

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                Moral of the story - listen to me, kid. ;)