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Aug 10, 2012 11:00 AM

restaurants at the four season in Kona

I remember having a few great meals over the years at Hululalai...I always remembered there being an Alan Wong's at the there seems to be no trace of it from the is
Pahu i'a considered the top restaurant there now?

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  1. AW's has come, and gone. They were very, very good, but for whatever reason, they closed.

    Though it has been a bit, Pahu I`a was great:



    1. Depending on the time of your visit.....
      I believe that Pahui'a is closed until early if that timeline affects you....your best bet would be Beach Tree.
      Call to confirm.

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      1. re: easily amused

        Heard recently that sadly Pahui'a will be permanently closed ....but there will be a re-branded restaurant opening in the space sometime in October.

        1. re: easily amused

          Oh my. Pahui'a is probably my favorite restaurant for breakfast anywhere on the planet. Please keep us updated with any information you have regarding what Four Seasons will do with the space.

          When they have moved the breakfast buffet to the Beach Tree the food has been the same but the special feeling from Pahu I'a is missing.

          1. re: connecticut_lady

            Agree!! I have never been there for breakfast, but we definitely fit up to 4 dinners there in the budge whenever we go to the Big Island. The food is outstanding, and the view can't be beat particularly at sunset. So it's closed indefinitely or just for the season?

          2. re: easily amused

            I feel very saddened. First, AW's there closed, and that was a very good restaurant, but the contract ended. Now, Pahui`a. So very sorry to hear of that.