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Aug 10, 2012 10:43 AM

August 15 is Julia Child's 100th Birthday - What are you cooking?


August 15th is Julia Child's 100th birthday, and I was thinking it would be fun to celebrate by cooking one of her recipes. Then I got to thinking that it would be cool if lots of Chowhounds did this, and reported back, hopefully with pictures and reviews of the results. Sort of like Dish of the Month....except it could be any Julia Child recipe, and it would all be on the same day! It sounds like the CHOW Test Kitchen will be making something as well, in order to participate.

We just put up a recipe slideshow in honor of her birthday, so there are a bunch of ideas for dishes—mainly for inspiration, since most of the recipes aren't hers.

I'm posting this now in case people want time to check a Julia Child cookbook out of the library! Looking forward to seeing what people make. I think I might try to make a dessert...anyone have any particular favorites?

Dave MP

  1. That date is already on my calendar but I haven't decided what to cook yet. I have four of her books: the 2 volume Mastering the Art, the baking, and the wonderful Jacques & Julia book. I'm leaning toward "Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home" at this point but I'm definitely going to cook something in honor of She who brought French cooking into American kitchens. Thanks for starting the tread, Dave. I had it in mind to do it myself.

      1. Thanks, Dave, for a fun idea. I'm afraid my very hot kitchen will preclude many of the traditional recipes from her books, I have a favorite quick appetizer in "From Julia Child's Kitchen" that I will splurge on. Talmouses au fromage - puff pastry bites with a blue cheesy filling. Great idea!

        1. There's another thread on this same topic, which already has more responses, so people should post there instead. Here's the link:

          I'm locking this thread for now, so people can all post in the same place!