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Aug 10, 2012 10:17 AM

Vanilla bean company

Just received an order of vanilla beans from the Vanilla Food Company and I am a believer. I placed the order on Tuesday and received the vanilla beans on Thursday. They're fragrant and moist - vacuum packed - and best of all, a great deal. I ordered 1/4 lb. (they said approx. 25 beans but I got about 30) - cost about $25, including the $7 shipping.

They carry other products as well, mostly for baking. Highly recommended.

Here's a link:

I swear I'm not their cousin.

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  1. Have you ever used the beans from Costco? How do they compare?

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    1. re: ylsf

      I have used the Costco beans but it's been a while, so I really can't compare. Also I haven't actually made anything with these beans yet. I can't remember what the Costco price was (my local Costco doesn't carry them right now) but I don't think you can beat the Vanilla Company. It was A LOT of beans. I separated them into 5-bean bunches and vacuum-packed each bunch. Then vacuum-packed the whole mess of them. I don't want them drying out. It'll take me years to use them - unless I keep making ice cream.

      1. re: ylsf

        I use this company all the time actually. I buy around 300 at a time (personal use, I swear) and go through them in about 1 year. It makes them so cheap that when a recipe calls for 1 bean throwing 2 or 3 in isn't even a second thought. Always fresh. I highly recommend them.

      2. I really like this company too.
        Like Nyleve, delivery was quick.
        I made my own Vanilla extract/essence.
        As I use up the extract, I put the beans into homemade chai as well as the sugar jar.