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Aug 10, 2012 10:06 AM

Sunday Brunch in Brunswick? Or Freeport?

We're looking for a place for brunch for this Sunday (need to be at matinee by 2pm in Brunswick). Most posts are for restaurants that only serve dinner. We know Flipside would be open, but we are looking for a brunch menu. Would prefer a restaurant right in Brunswick, but we could stop in Freeport. Suggestions appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. Serious brunch at Haraseekett Inn (Maine Dining Room), Freeport.

    If you're looking just for combo breakast & lunch menu...Jen's Place in Brunswick serves 'til 2pm. Hole-in-the-wall spot, but clean/friendly. Emphasizes breakfast all day (especially homemade corned beef hash).

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      We ended up at Flipside, which was a little hole in the wall pizza place in downtown Brunswick with incredibly delicious pizza. Highly recommend! We did end up going back to Freeport area and ate at Harraseeket for lunch. We were there too late for their lunch buffet (ends at 2, we arrived about 2:30) which they were just taking down but looked amazing. We have had it before and enjoyed the very different offerings and wide variety. This time we ate outside the Broad Arrow Tavern (at the Inn) on the little patio area and ordered from the regular menu. Really appreciate that the Tavern is open throughout the afternoon, and doesn't close between lunch and dinner. It was very good. I had a terrific grilled chicken sandwich with sauteed onions, daughter had mac and cheese with brocoli (excellent) and spouse had a very nice salad -- all surprisingly reasonably priced. Really liked the side of homemade cole slaw, no mayo, and very fresh. This has become our go to place when in Freeport.