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Aug 10, 2012 09:30 AM

Cucumber Gazpacho Recipe (or other easy things to do with cucumbers)

Does anyone have a good cucumber gazpacho recipe that does not use tomatoes? I haven't come across any on epicurious or that I like, and a lot of them use tomatoes, which I don't want to do.
Or alternatively, anyone have easy but tasty ideas for what to do with regular slicing cucumbers? For some reason, the cucumbers in our garden have been growing like crazy compared to everything else, and we have so many of them and I'm sick of tomato-cucumber-feta salads and just using them in sandwiches but don't want something difficult or time-intensive.

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  1. Our next door neighbors have supplied us with cucumbers. If found some simple cucumber salad recipes online, and made one. I just finished the salad. My wife is not keen about eating cucumbers so I'm free to do my thing. Using the keywords 'simple cucumber salads' brings up a google of hits.

    The following website came up first when I used the keywords 'cucumber gazpacho.' Tomatoes are not included in the ingredient list.

    If you surf thru the hits that appear after using the keywords 'cucumber gazpacho', you'll find some other recipes that do not include tomatoes.

    1. i love cold cucumber soup. with buttermilk.
      and julia has a recipe for baked cukes, i think. weird, but i tried them, and they're not bad.

      1. I often make simple watermelon-tomato-cucumber gazpacho with lemon or lime juice and parsley; touch of salt and pepper. I'm sure it would do fine without tomato, increase the parsley, maybe add some stringed celery or even zucchini.

        Not a gazpacho, but a delight -- refreshing cucumber relish (just made some yesterday, lasts forever in fridge if one can stop eating it):
        Add a bit of fresh or dried dill if you have it.

        1. cuke, avocado, yogurt, lime juice, jalapeno and a dash of chile powder.