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Aug 10, 2012 07:55 AM

Lyndale Tap House???

Does anyone have thoughts on the Lyndale Tap House? I used the Chowhound search feature, but couldn't find anything under "Lyndale Tap House" or "Lyndale Tap House".

If there is no existing thread on it already, has anyone been that can comment on the food there?

If there is an existing thread on it, why does a search not pull it up (though I've typically had horrid success with Chowhound's search, to the point where Google pulls up Chowhound threads that Chowhound's own search engine can't unearth....)


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  1. The Tap House flat out sucks, mainly due to the clientele. Take your 21 year old "bros" that hang out at Williams, age them a few years, give them a real job (that they won't stop talking about), dress them in Affliction shirts or some other douchey apparel, and you have the Tap House. Make sure you add in REALLY LOUD horrible pop music, mix in some skank girls with bad attitudes and fedoras, and you have the Complete Lyndale Tap House Experience(R)(tm)(c).

    There. I just saved you a trip and about $40. Thank me later.

    That being said, the food I've had hasn't been too bad. They have a good maple glazed pork belly appetizer, and they put out a surprisingly good burger the last time I was there (had hot peppers and some other stuff that actually had kick). The Tap House is supposedly known for their Pit Beef, a Baltimore specialty, but the couple times I have had it I was unimpressed.

    They also have a pretty decent beer list. And their sidewalk patio is nice.

    There is no reason to voluntarily go to the Tap House though, since Muddy Waters is directly next door, and Moto I is across the street. Both have a vastly better atmosphere, and both have good food and drinks.

      1. Thank you both. magz0r's response was pretty comical to read. And thanks for the search link ChillyDog. Odd that it has to be in quotes to get any hits.

        Part of me still wants to try it, now for the humor factor (the Complete Lyndale Tap House Experience sounds like good people watching), and partly for the food (though obviously not the pretzels). I wonder if things have changed for the better in recent times?

        If I go, I'll add my thoughts....

        1. I go there most Tuesday nights with some friends from college for bar bingo. It's a damn good time, but the food is wildly inconsistent. I usually get the beet salad, which is either under-dressed, or grossly overdressed, with dry, un-seasoned, un-oiled/buttered crostini. The chili is always good, but the heat level varies. The Niçoise Salad is good, except the tuna usually has that natural gas taste which makes me assume it was drenched in oil and set over the hottest part of the grill (and I prefer the oil-cured/confit tuna over the rare-seared). The Stampede Fries are great when they aren't over-seasoned to the point where my heart hurts - after spending so much time in Canada, I have an undying love for a good poutine, so this is the dish I wish would be the most consistent. I guess I've never eaten there before 9 pm, but somebody needs to work on the consistency of the early-week night crew.

          I can't complain too much about the "young professional" demographic, since I fall into that I guess. There may be a few too many "bros," I'll definitely agree with that. Sometimes the music sucks, but that's the price you pay when you go to a bar with a digital jukebox. It gets a bit rowdy at times, and I've watched a girl my age puke on the floor and then run over to hug a friend like nothing had happened...but it's a popular Uptown bar. What do you expect? Sadly, Uptown isn't the awesome, punky, weird, fun place it used to be. That died when they bulldozed the Uptown Bar & Café and plopped an Apple store in it's place. I just go there for the bingo and a guaranteed night of catching up with friends who have busy lives.

          1. And to just think what used to be in that space ... sad.