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Aug 10, 2012 06:55 AM

Aaron Franklin from Franklin's BBQ-Austin Tx

Had the pleasure to visit with Aaron Franklin yesterday and begged him, absolutely begged him to open a 2nd location in H-town! The good news,, he will be expanding his current location and adding a "take-out" counter. I stood in line yesterday, from 1015a until 1230p to be served and I brought back a sampling of meats that i feasted on last night.. Aaron mentioned that they go thru 1000lbs of meat daily,, 1400lbs on saturdays.. He starts the grilling at 2am,, opens at 11am and typically is sold out by 130p. He and staff put in a 22hr work day. Great guy, great BBQ that is consistently good on each visit and great folks working for him.

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  1. That's great. Looking forward to Bourdain's show on Austin and hope it includes his trip to Franklin's. I can't stand the thought of waiting 2+ hours in line, though so will wait for the expansion. You look awful familiar there, bornie of many commas.

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      No doubt we've seen ea other whilst dining out. I've entered a comma 12 step program and admit,,,, I am powerless.,,, over the comma key!

      Btw, I stopped in Lulling on the swing thru san antonio and Austin this week. Visited City Market for a sliced brisket sandwich. Quantity and quality far below Franklin's and the BBQ sauce is very weak should u be inclined for a touch of wetness!

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        And a great show it was last night! Anyone see it? Featuring Austin, he visited both Franklin's and Meuller's. I'll miss No Reservations after this last season.

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          I actually hit JMuellers on Sunday.

          Had that incredible beef rib as well as some pork ribs and fatty brisket.

          I did Franklin last summer and it is outstanding as well, but that beef rib at Mueller's is...well...incredible.

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            I believe Bourdain agrees with you on that beef rib. I've had Meuller's sausage, very nice crispy casing. How long did you wait for Franklins?

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              At Mueller's this weekend, we got there about 10:45 for an 11am opening, but there were already people eating. We got ours by about 11:10.

              Last summer at Franklin, we arrived about 9:30 and were eating about 12:30. It was great and I am glad I did it once, but I wouldn't do it again.

              P.S. We also went to Uchiko Saturday night after the game.

              P.P.S. ...and stopped at Snow's on the way up Saturday morning.

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            For those of you that, like I, missed the Austin episode, they're rerunning it several times over the next week. Check your schedules.

        2. When you say he and his staff work 22 hours a day it kinda destroys your credibility. I'll believe 12 hours and even up to 16 for the owner but . . .

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            His words not mine, friend. I'm just the messenger.

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              I should also mention, the ribs, brisket (sliced) and sausage was awesome warmed up 24 hours later. The smoked turkey was incredible and sells out relatively quickly. I brought back $75 worth of meat and will make the run again, possibly Thursday.