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taste of the danforth picks

Yep, it's cheesy and silly and impossible to navigate on foot, but it's that time of year again and having recently moved into the area, I'm looking forward to hitting Taste again this year.

As a street food lover and inveterate snacker, I make a point of hitting as many joints as I can. The best Taste gyros I had last year was from Mister Greek Meat Market, near Jones. Ridiculously good, even when sober.

Thoughts, suggestions and recommendations, please!

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  1. Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse has my favorite bbq'd pineapple

    1. Guayanese (at the very eastern end of the event, south side near Donlands) is doing a variety of rotis from 5 for a small, along with a variety of other items like potato balls. For those not in the area, this place took over from the previous Jamaican biz and is much better. The ital roti would make an excellent veg option.

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        Ok - having grabbed this for dinner, I can't recommend the shrimp roti, because there's barely any shrimp, mostly channa.

      2. i like the cuban place near the northeast corner of danforth
        and broadview, right in front of the stage there.
        they have a sandwich with red cabbage and tasty meat (i forgot what that is lol,

        1. i like astoria (outside chester station) for their souvlaki. they're $3 each and pretty hefty. globe (outside broadview) always does something cool and interesting. this year they were doing a fresh cream of corn soup, banh mi, and a peach cobbler. the soup was really refreshing. there's a stand that sells polish food (perogies, cabbage rolls etc). the cabbage roll was pretty good...but at $4 was a bit pricey.

          1. Delicious porchetta sandwiches and macaron ice cream sandwiches at Cafe Fiorentina just a block or so west of Carrot Common.

            1. I avoided those huge line ups because I got quite disappointed with those popular stands past years. This time, I tried pizza from Liberetto. It was a simple slice but was very well done. I've been wanting to check out Liberetoo for a while. It is as good as I heard.

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                Article in today's Star about the calamari from Silk Road. Have not had it but apparently it's a huge seller. We order from them a lot and the food is always fresh and tasty with quality ingredients.

              2. Good to know Millygirl, haven't ever been there but will check it out

                1. I actually never go to TOTD (because for the past 7 years I lived on the Danforth and thus, did everything to avoid it) but this year I decided to trek out, hassle free on friday night. Here is what we tried:

                  Chilled corn soup with spicy popcorn garnish: Globe Bistro- So delicious, we came back at the end for a second helping. It was light and refreshing, with a delicious sweet flavour that contrasted nicely with the spicy popcorn crunch.
                  Smoked pork banh mi: Globe Bistro- Really delicious as well. The pork was cooked to a meltingly-tender consistency, and the pickled vegetable salad was crunchy and flavourful. I was also really happy with the bread selection, which was fluffy, soft and held up the ingredients surprisingly well. A very generous portion for an excellent street food price.
                  Pierogies: Mihalis Place- Not good. I took one bite of one, and even with copious amounts of sour cream, they didn't taste like anything. I had seen some salt and pepper shakers at the stand as I walked away, and now I wish I had used them.
                  Corn: source unknown (one of the many corn vendors)- A little overcooked and wrinkly, but fine. It's just corn.
                  Lamb rosemary pie: Ouzeri- Really delicious. The lamb was seasoned nicely, juicy and not overly gamey, and the pastry was light, crispy and satisfying. My only complaint would be that it was a little greasy, but good none-the-less.
                  Arancini: Pizzeria Libretto- Like all fried foods, these probably would have been better FRESH out of the fryer but they were good none the less. The filling was creamy and cheesy, but the exterior lacked any really serious crunch factor.
                  Margherita pizza: Pizzeria Libretto- The exterior crust was deliciously chewy and the toppings were fresh and fragrant, I just found that after sitting in boxes, it had become a little too soggy for my preference.
                  Meatball pizza cone: Mad Italian -Kind of a novelty, but one that I shamelessly enjoyed. So the way this works, is they load your ingredients into a dough cone, then put it into this rotating machine that moves the cone through the oven in 4 1/2 minutes and comes out cooked. In theory, its kind of cool, but I didn't like waiting there. I also found that the machine made the topping SUPER hot (so hot I burned my tongue on the copious amounts of cheese), while the insides and bottom of the cone was cold (the cheese was not even melted).
                  Baklava: Athena bakery- Disappointing. The pastry lacked any texture.. it just tasted like a cereal that had been softened so completely in honey. I also found the honey to have a strange flavour that I can't quite pinpoint, so I tossed it after one bite.
                  Tiramisu: Dolce -While I can't say this was the best tiramisu I have ever tasted, it was pretty good for the price and venue. It was creamy, with a distinctive mocha flavour and it wasn't too sweet.
                  Peach Cobbler Sundae: Globe Bistro- Well, let's just say I enjoyed everything from the Globe this year. The peach sauce was floral and sweet, and the crumble topping offered a nice textural contrast. I only wish I maybe got a bit more of the sauce (and maybe even some fresh peaches) but in general, it was lovely and light.