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Aug 10, 2012 05:34 AM

Convention Center eats

Hi LA chowhounds. My husband arrived in your lovely city last night and is tied to the Business District by a convention. He is staying at the Marriott on Julia. He prefers to stick to reasonably priced restaurants which rules out Emerils and Root. Any not so obvious dinner suggestions that won't break the bank? Thanks so much!

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  1. I'd do RioMar and A Mano. The former is Spanish with a strong fish/seafood selection, the latter central/southern Italian. Very solid places, check their websites for menus.

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      Sgree with those (although you do have to watch to keep costs reasonable). Add Couchon Butcher and Grand Isle for lower costs.

    2. Tell him to look into Tomas Bistro. Have not been myself, but have eaten Chef Guy's fare at
      other restaurants before he took over here.

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        Thanks so much for these ideas. I've passed them on to him. He is bringing me a muffaletta! Yea. PS From Central Grocery, of course.

      2. I'm just back from a convention and here's the quick report. I had a terrific lunch at Carmo, which another thread recommended as a healthy option. The Esmerelda Salad with quinoa, black beans, and corn was tasty & refreshing. This place has a casual vibe--order at the counter and take a seat. Good service, though it gets crowded at peak hours.

        I also had lunch at Cochon and loved the wood-fired oyster roast and kale salad. As you can imagine from the name, this place is heavy on pork, also on fried foods & it all looked original, though that's not in my diet these days. Very nice, clean, modern space with a lot of light. Seems like it would be great for a business lunch.

        I had dinner the first night at A Mano. Solid A. Simple, traditional interior, good service, great modern Italian.

        Root is also an A and seemed to be more of a hipster's night-out sort of place, with a striking modern look -- white leather banquets &c. -- and a big wine & cocktail list. I had the Lebanese Tea Brined Gulf Fish (with lychee pine quinoa, salsify purée & dehydrated wakame) and the Smoked Cornmeal Encrusted Louisiana Oysters (with sweet corn spoon bread, 'hoppin' john" pan jus, mustard green foam). Outstanding.

        All these places are a short walk from the convention center.

        1. Root is not expensive.

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