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Aug 10, 2012 05:07 AM

Jakes Wayback Burgers [moved from New Jersey]

There's a branch of this chain opening near where I work. Any opinions?

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  1. I live in Delaware, where the chain originated. I really enjoy the burgers. They're on the smaller side, but feature very fresh meat and good quality topping options. Great milkshakes, too.

    1. Just had my first burger at Jake's over the weekend. the flavor was good, but the guy doing the grilling chopped the burger as it was cooking so it fell off the bun as I was eating! Anyone know if this is their usual practice or if it was just a one-off? if this is standard I'm not going back because it was just a mess.

      1. Bring a credit card - quite expensive for an agreeably above average burger, but with really lousy fries.

        1. I agree about the cost- the burger was the size of a Wendy's burger but cost as much as one three times as thick. The service was not great at the location I went to as I feel they got a little sneaky trying to up-sell other items, as well as getting the order wrong. It was not terrible, though.

          1. They've had a couple of locations within 15 miles of me for about 3 years. Not impressed.

            Now they are building a new location in a small strip center in Derby, CT and they have dropped the 'Jake's' name from the logo and sign. I wonder why?

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              According to their Wikipedia page:

              During the summer of 2014 the chain announced the drop of "Jake's" from the title in order to deter confusion with a smaller competitor based out of the South United States. Many locations will keep existing signage with the name "Jake's" on store fronts, but all new franchises will be simply known as "Wayback Burgers."

              1. re: ebchower

                You can be sure that if Jake's Wayback was the one to drop the name, they were the one infringing on the other chain's intellectual rights.