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Aug 10, 2012 05:03 AM

Amsterdam for 4 days with my parents

I have read through the most recent Amsterdam threads, but am hoping some fellow Chowhounds can give me some tips on places to take my not-so-adventurous parents for lunches and dinners in Amsterdam in late September? My parents are in their 60s, and are not generally keen on super modern fare, preferring fresh, uncomplicated (comfort) foods. That being said, I'd also like to take them to an Indonesian restaurant since it is something we can't get in Toronto and I'd like them to try it after I raved so much about the food after returning from a trip to Indonesia earlier this year. So an authentic Indonesian restaurant, perhaps family-run, would be great.

We will be staying near the train station, and our budget is 100 euros or thereabouts for dinner (for all three of us), and fifty euros for lunch. Picnic suggestions of good grocers to pick up supplies from would also be welcome! My parents can't walk that far (being on disability), so places nearer to public transit or easily reachable in not so tiring walking stints would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Hi,

    I know there are a lot of threads about Amsterdam, I'm going to try and give some recommendations for places that haven't been mentioned much and that fit your requirements. I'm assuming the 100 euros for 3 is excluding drinks? If this includes drinks, you are going to have to order very very carefully.


    is a lovely place in a beautiful country estate. It's about a 15 minute tram ride from the center, but the tram stops right in front of the building. The garden is stunning, but by the end of September it may be too cold for out door seating. Recommended for both lunch and dinner.

    A new place just opened up that I am completely in love with:

    Fa. Speijkervet

    no website, menus are on Facebook

    Great, simple, fresh, northern / western european food, a breath of fresh air, a beautiful light and airy room (it can get loud, so maybe go early, and def. make a reservation on the weekends). Recommended for both lunch and dinner. Not in the center, but again, only a short tram ride, and the tram stops right in front of it.


    is the little sister of the much loved restaurant Marius, and right next door to it (Marius is always recommended, but it won't fit your budget). Worst (dutch for 'sausage' ) is a great place to have a glass of wine and some lovely charcuterie, the owner really gets the best stuff from all over Europe. A couple of small plates can be dinner (not open for lunch) and they also do breakfast on Sundays.

    Again.. (ha) not in the centre, but easily reached by public transport, and only a very short walk from the tram stop.


    they describe their food as 'modern french bistro fare'. Maybe too modern for your parents taste, but I really enjoyed my recent dinner there. Clean, fresh, creative flavors. 3 course menu 35 euros.

    In the Eastern part of town (you guessed it: about a 20 minute tramride, tram stops right in front...) is

    Wilde Zwijnen

    Uncomplicated food, lots of local and seasonal ingredients, great atmospehere. Good for lunch and dinner. 3-course menu around 30 euros.

    Aan de Amstel

    is the little place run by acclaimed Dutch cookbook author Yvette van Boven

    see here

    Simple, fun, interesting, creative, cozy. Only open for dinner. Not far from the center and easily reached by public transport.


    for lovely Turkish food in an elegant atmosphere.

    Lunch tip on a nice day: take the ferry behind Central Station (take the one that says 'Buikslotermeerplein') and when you have crossed the water, you can either go left and visit the futuristic looking new Film museum Eye. There is a rather posh and overpriced restaurant inside, but you could also just check out the building (or go see a movie!). Or go straight ahead and have a nice and simple and inexpensive lunch at cafe de Pont

    Simple food in a very nicely decorated restaurant. Watch out for the big fat grey cat, and please note they don't accept cash.

    Hope this helps! Have fun!

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      Thank you so much for these recommendations! These look great.