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Aug 10, 2012 04:55 AM

Coconut Creek/Margate/Parkland 'local' great restaurants??

Just moved to the Coconut Creek area (Lyons and Sample) and am looking for some great 'local' restaurants. We've hit a few in the area...but has to be more. Not really looking for those found in Coral Springs Mall area...more around 441 and my new location.

I used to live in Ft. Lauderdale and there seems to be more 'local' spots (more quantity than quality really). I know there has to be some great suggestions. Our tastes vary and can be happy in a casual spot to a little nicer...but not too formal.

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  1. I live in the same exact area you do. The immediate area around 441 doesn't have too much to be honest. My favorite is Saigon Cuisine (I'm Vietnamese) on 441 between Copans and Coconut Creek Parkway.

    I'm not a fan of Tex mex but La Bamba which you may know from Fort Lauderdale is close by and always packed.

    For bar food I like Gotrocks in the same plaza. The salads (especially the Greek with chicken) and wings are good and the drafts are dirt cheap:

    For delivery Chinese I order from Uncle KC. While great for takeout and delivery nobody seems to eat in the restaurant even though it's full size so I don't either. Fast, tasty, and inexpensive:

    I generally travel to Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, or Boca if I want something fancier. The immediate area just doesn't cater to that. The Promenade is fun for drinks (World of Beer and the wine bar) but the restaurants aren't great. They did open a new Greek place that had a good SunSentinel review recently but I haven't tried it.

    1. I have to agree with Jenaclaree on Saigon Cuisine...I am especially fond of their Bahn Mi sandwiches but they don't always have them at dinnertime. The Pho and the Bun are quite good!

      In the same shopping center is also a great little Roti shop called Shalama's. Be careful, some of the items are quite spicy but the beef curry is awesome!

      Restaurante Brazil at Military and Sample is nothing fancy but the food is very good. Most of the patrons are Brazilian (which for me is a positive) and I love the Picanha! I have only sat in for lunch but have picked up dinner to go on several occasions.

      Rock n Roll Ribs is also consistently well prepared and tasty...

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        I was visiting my mother in South Florida. She's a fan of pho but never attempted to find it near where she lives. I'm a fan of Vietnamese in general, rice dishes over pho. We followed the recommendation for Saigon Cuisine on 441. Wow! Easily the best Vietnamese I've ever had. I ordered a stir-fried and satay chicken dish and the spices and sauces were sublime. I couldn't get over what I had thought passed for Vietnamese back home. My mother enjoyed her pho and even my meat and potatoes step-father liked his squid-pork-vermicelli dish. I can't wait to return to Florida to come back here. Thanks for pointing out this place.

        On a side note, the set-up is a bit strange. It's a large space with a dance floor and stage in the middle. On the stage was a full rock band set-up. I guess they have music on weekends? Just a heads-up on what to expect if dining there.

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          Rock n Roll Ribs is rocking good as long as hard rock/metal music doesn't bother you. Very good ribs and sides, all very reasonably priced with big portions. Man is that chili too sweet for me though.

          Anthony's Coal Fired pizza is also a great option in the area.

        2. Jasmine Thai on Coconut creek Pkwy, (between 441 & Lyons) is pretty good and authenic Thai/Japanese... the sushi rolls are great and always fresh.. Usually packed in the afternoons and on the weekends.

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            Big Bear Brewing Company is one of my favorite restaurants, but located in Coral Springs, on 1800 N. Univ. Dr. If you are into beer, they brew it onsite.

            Also, for great chicken wings, go to Bru's Room on 441 & Hillsborough.

          2. A little farther north of Parkland on 441 is Sushi Yoshi. Typical sushi but it does have a large korean menu. Not as good as Gabose but certainly not as expensive and closer.

            Alse a bit farther north of Parkland on 441 is a Brazilian Bakery called Casa do Pao which I absolutely love. So reasonable and so tasty. Great cheap lunch also.
            22829 N State Rd 7
            Boca Raton, FL 33428

            In Parkland on 441 is Cafe Bella Sara. Overpriced Italian. Unfortunately, its the closest placed to my house for a drink before heading home after a night out. Next door is Japango which is overpriced but great quality japanese. They have a full bar which is nice and a nice vibe.

            Never been to Rock and Roll Ribs but it gets good reviews. A few doors down is Medellin. Mom and pop columbian. Very, very reasonable and huge portions.
            (954) 755-0941 4631 N State Road 7 Coral Springs, FL 33067

            Best Restaurant in Coral Springs is La Spadas Subs. They put a "blanket" of meat over the veggies to keep them in. So wonderful. The peppers rock.
            7893 W Sample Rd, Coral Springs ยท (954) 345-8833

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            1. re: Raboi

              There are actually some very good restaurant options in the area -- particularly Coral Springs -- that you should check out.

              Big Bear Brewing Company in Coral Springs has been brewing its own beer for almost 16 years now -- the beers recently took home some huge national awards, and the only place to get them is on site, since it's a brew pub. Fantastic classic American cooking as well, with some whole-grain crust pizzas, burgers, steaks, etc.
              1800 North University Drive Coral Springs, FL 33071
              (954) 341-5545

              Manny's Bakery in Coral Springs is a must visit if you like sandwiches and/or Latin food. They bake their own bread fresh daily, using it to create some monster sandwiches stuffed with house-made pork, ham, sausage, roast beef, and more. The empanadas, at less than $2 a pop, are outstanding.
              9711 West Sample Road Coral Springs, FL 33065
              (954) 346-8666

              Saigon Cuisine on 441 in Margate is among the best Vietnamese restaurants in the area. Very fresh ingredients and bold flavors are key in all dishes. The pho and banh mi are without equal in the area.
              1392 North State Road 7 Margate, FL 33063
              (954) 975-2426

              1. re: johnmlinn

                The poster wasn't specifically asking for Coral Springs so I tried not to talk to much about it but I must comment on Big Bear. I enjoyed my first trip there 8 years ago but since I refuse to do chains, I mistakenly didn't go back as I thought it was a chain. Recently rediscovered Big Bear and after 4 visits over the past 3 years, i have to say the salads and burgers are very, very good. For a night out with the family, this is on my short list in the area.

                Please note that Medellin just got written up by the Sun Sentinel with great reviews. While I don't swear by the Sun Sentinel, I would just like to point out that I am not the only person who appreciates this place.