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Aug 9, 2012 10:31 PM

Flight attendant needs healthy lunch/dinner ideas to bring to work!

I travel, a lot.
I like to pack my lunches/dinners in a lunch tote, and try to eat out as little as possible.
I usually pack things like tuna, salmon. Quinoa, boiled eggs. Salads, yogurt, fruit.
If I have any leftovers, I'll pack that.

What are some easy healthy recipes. That can last in a lunch pail. I do have refrigerators in my hotel rooms. If you have any ideas, or web sites I need to visit, please let me know :)

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  1. Rice salads might work for you. You can even use leftover rice and then toss with some good olive oil and lemon. I add fresh veggies to this as well as good cheese or even some meat or seafood. Wow. There are so many delicious things that are good for taking on trips. You've got me thinking!

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      Quinoa, bulgar and couscous also make good salads (and I personally prefer the texture over rice salad). Quinoa has protein too. Try a quinoa/black bean salad. I also wonder if some veggies would keep better if you brought them whole or in bigger pieces and then chop and add them to your salad. Baby spinach holds up OK to being pre-dressed, I am also reminded of Japanese/Korean style cooked spinach salad. Also look up salad in a jar - a way to preassemble salads in layers that keeps well. That's assuming you can bring glass... not sure if the concept works in tupperware but I'm sure someone on the net has tried it!

    2. I like soups for carrying, minestrone or other vegetable/ bean tyoes only get better as they wait for you.

      1. This is such an interesting variation on the "what can I take to work" theme. In terms of eggs, don't limit yourself to boiled. Spanish Tortilla keeps well and is a good, protein-filled option. Do you like beans and other legumes, especially chickpeas? They are great tossed with any mix of veggies that is in season and tossed with a dressing - anything from a vinaigrette to a chutney/yogurt mix. That way it doesn't get tiring. Pressed sandwiches would be good because they get better with time as the ingredients marry with each other. I also love to make fried rice, but replace the rice with quinoa or bulgur. You can add any meat to it, scramble in eggs - really make a whole meal out of it.

        1. We have an empty nest and my wife frequently buys in store roasted chicken when food shopping. There are always leftovers which are used to make chicken salad. Grapes are one of the ingredients that my wife includes in the salad. Mandarin orange segments or slices of pineapple can be alternatives to grapes.

          1. Learn to make hummus. Take it in a covered container and eat with veggies like green pepper strips, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes and whatever you like. Add a pita or crakders, and possibly a fruit.

            Making hummus if you have a food processor or immersion blender is easy.