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Aug 9, 2012 09:17 PM

Abigail's - food?

I've seen very mixed reviews of this Kendall Square location, with most of the positives for the cocktails, while the food (and sometimes the service) more often rated poorly.

Is it worth going to for dinner? If yes - what are good choices from the current menu?

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  1. The service is fine inside. Never had any complaints. Can be somewhat slow outside.

    The raw bar items are solid. The bbq options are generally excellent. It looks like the dinner entrees may have changed recently, so I can't really speak to those.

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      I like their bbq brunch and I like their raw bar, particularly the ceviche and the fish carpaccio. I find the wine list pleasant and well-priced. I haven't had their dinner main dishes: I'd check the menu and see if they appeal. My recollection is they only take reservations for 6 or more but that may have changed. I've enjoyed my few visits here but it's a pretty big menu so I'm far from expert on it.

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        I've gone to their brunch twice. We loved it once - both food and service. The second time both were mediocre at best

      2. I ate at the bar there recently. Drinks and food were very good. Service was excellent. Friendly and attentive and fun, but not overbearing at all.

        1. Thanks all - I've seen indications that the food and service quality declined with the new menu. Again, this would be a group dinner, so I'm hoping someone has had dinner off the current menu. We would be there on a weeknight, and I find that service complaints are often for a weekend night - and then often for parties without reservations. You're right though - they only do take them for six or more . . . and tack on an 18% gratuitity for the privalege.

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            I actually ate at Abigail's just this week and had a great meal. My favorite dish out of all we ordered was a salad that contained grilled artichokes, burrata, simply dressed arugula, and a whipped concoction they called a "smoked tomato pesto." it was a delicious, very well-balanced dish. We had to ask for bread because the tomato "pesto" seemed more like a spread. The bread seemed a little sad, but my friends and I all enjoyed everything else we ate, and we are a pretty tough crowd.

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              with regard to adding a gratuity for service for six or more, this is quite common. i also find it's easier than negotiating the tipping policy across six diners who are splitting a bill. as we normally tip 20% on any good or better service, we haven't been offended by this policy when we encounter it. I'm curious as to why you find it objectionable?

            2. I've had pretty good experiences with their lunch menu, but have not tried their dinner items. The one item that was a miss was a total miss for me was their grilled calamari salad under apps. There was something in the salad that was bitter, and not in a slight balance of flavors kind of way. I kept checking to see if it might have been a due to a charring of a calamari, but that wasn't it. Since I couldn't find what it was it was hard to avoid - all the non-bitter parts were good.

              1. I ate at Abigail's this weekend and thought the food was good. Their fried oysters are actually some of the best that I have tasted and they seem to do very well with fish. For dinner I ordered their wedge salad and their shrimp-yucca fritters. I wouldn't recommend the fritters, but the salad was very refreshing (a sherry/bacon dressing rather than the standard bleu cheese). Others in my party seemed to enjoy their dishes as well. To echo what others have said, the cocktails were fantastic. I had the Persian Bellini and it was amazing, great flavor and a good value. I look forward to going back for drinks and oysters.