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Aug 9, 2012 08:52 PM

Restaurants in Moultonborough?

Will be in Moultonborough in October while visiting friends in Tamworth. Any good restaurants to check out that are close by and delicious? Open to anything...

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  1. Hart's Turkey farm in Meredith and the Sunny Villa in Ossipee are both very good.

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      Corner House in Center Sandwich is doing a pretty good job these days. Avoid Coe House or Lavinia's in Center Harbor (Moultonboro) as it's known now. Mediocre to poor food and a unwarranted stuffy attitude that we can all do without. I had hoped with the name change that things had improved but it was not to be. Let us know how you do!

    2. If you just want a very casual lunch, we like the lobster rolls and onion rings at the Red Hill Dairy (just a drive-in place). Have enjoyed the Corner House, love the location, just haven't been there for a couple of years.

      1. The Yankee Smokehouse is 6 miles away in Ossipee, NH and is good for BBQ also very casual.
        Every upscale restaurant I have been to in the area has been a big disappointment or a tragic comedy.

        1. Go to Sam and Rosies Cafe and Bakery in Center Harbor for a casual lunch. THE BEST LOBSTER ROLL in the area. It was recommended to us last year on CH and we found it to be true. Also highly recommend Corner House Inn in Center Sandwich.