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Aug 9, 2012 08:00 PM

Quality frozen squid?

Can anyone recommend a brand of frozen squid that can be purchased at stores on the East Coast, and note how much it costs?

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  1. At least in the Northeast you can find frozen 'Boston Squid' (Atlantic squid) which is frozen on-board and good quality from a fishmonger and sometimes commercially. It would need to be cleaned after unfreezing. There maybe some packers out of the Pt Judith fishery who mail order. Most Chinese and Indian squid is cleaned and then frozen, although Indian is usually left whole so you will need to separate the tentacles and remove the innards. Most of this squid is pretty lousy, but some are better than others and you would have best luck getting from a reasonable seafood dealer. The actual net weight of the product can be significantly less than the packaged weight, so with some brands you are paying for water (particularly blocks can be like this) which you should consider when comparing prices. I have done ok with the Panapesca brand but the have a huge range of products so I can't speak to the whole line and in Boston Stavis Seafood distributes some imported squid items under their own brands which are usually good quality. However, if you can find the uncleaned squid, there is a better chance it is domestic (and will be less processed).

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      That's it exactly, just make sure it is USA. I prefer Montauk origin myself, but I may be prejudiced! The good stuff will cost at least double of the imported.