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Aug 9, 2012 07:16 PM

Has anybody seen flat head cabbage in T.O.?

I was introduced to this cabbage recently. I found that it tastes so much better than the round variety (crunch, tender, milder flavour) and is really good raw in salads, taco, nachos, Asian noodles, etc.
I was told that it's marketed as "Taiwan Cabbage" in a Los Angeles Asian market.
As the name indicates, the cabbage is shaped flat not round and the leaves are not as tightly formed.

Anybody know where I can find this cabbage in Toronto - preferably in downtown area but I would travel if I must?

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  1. Pretty sure I've seen it at Sunny Foodmart on Don Mills Road, south of Eglinton.

    1. have a look around china town it is fairly common

      1. Thanks hal2010 and youdonut. I'll check it out.

        1. Am pretty sure t and t has it (cherry st.)

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            I went to T&T (Cherry St.) today and got it. It's labeled Ko-Le (Korean) cabbage. Thank you everyone.