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Aug 9, 2012 06:11 PM

L'Angolo (Blue Bell)

I finally got to experience L'Angolo today. This is the replacement restaurant formerly operated as Chef Salvatore. I recall numerous good (not fabulous) meals at Chef Salvatore but none of them compared to the lunch that I enjoyed today under new ownership. The new owner is very welcoming in a reserved kind of way. The waitress was likewise: cordial, efficient and very professional. The restaurant has been tastefully redecorated and the new look is much lighter and brighter. (Compare this to the Blue Bell Inn where one needs a flashlight to navigate. (smile) The tempo of the dining room was upbeat. People at the bar and at tables and booths seemed to be enjoying their meals and everyone was interacting nicely with the owner (who was in constantly motion working) and the waitress. The room was busy (not packed) and every table seemed to be handled efficiently and cordially. My companion thoroughly enjoyed freshly made gnocchi with shrimp scampi sauce, and my clams (chopped plus in-the-shell) over spaghetti was notably more tasty than I received from the previous proprietor. Bread was tasty and accompanied by a complex house rendition of an olive oil based dipping sauce. That was a unique treat. A nice addition to this location is that a variety of draft beers is available, including Peroni -- a light Italian brew which happens to be a favorite of mine. At the finish today's lunch, my dining partner wanted to share Tiramisu. I wasn't eager, as too often tiramisu just doesn't live up to what it's supposed to be. But L'Angolo makes it's own tiramisu and it was absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS. It beautifully presented with decorative dollops of mascarpone and mini-sides of fresh fruit. I do not recall eating more delicious tiramisu anywhere. On our way out of the restaurant, I noticed that they offer an antipasto buffet (didn't catch the price) near the bar. The grilled and marinated offerings looked so enticing that I'll definitely pursue that option in the future. Finally, I cannot finish this review without mentioning the condition of the restroom. The ladies restroom is attractively decorated, completely functional (no broken/non-working fixtures!) and spotless -- how extraordinary is that! This geographic location in Blue Bell has housed quite a few restaurants over the years. Let's hope that L'Angolo stays alive for a long, long time. I'll be wanting to return many times.

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  1. Great review EGF - don't think I have read any of your reviews before. This place has been on my radar for a while. Looks like they have some really good Happy Hour drink specials. I heard that the chef and/or owner used to be at Ristorante Castello up the road from L'Angolo Blue. Will have to plan a night during the week with friends to check this place out. Thanks again for the very well written review......and BTW - a group of us "Chowhounds" are planning a get together sometime during September at Thai Aroma, the BYOB in the shopping center behind Phil's tavern on 73. Check the post on Chow for the e-mail to find out further details. Would love to have you join us.

    1. we haven't been to L'Anglo Blue yet, thanks for the review! We'll have to check it out soon.

      1. I had a nice dinner there last week. Grilled Calamari Salad, Bruschetta, and one of the Gnocchi's.. my friend and I really liked everything. I am looking forward to going back. We asked for a side of sauteed spinach, and it wasnt on the menu.. they made it for us and it was good. Service was good. No reason not to go back again.

        1. L'Angolo Blue was mentioned to us by a friend who's in laws "know" good Italian American cooking as quite good. Well I don't have any in depth knowledge except I know what I like and did have an Italian GF and four years of Sunday family dinners. My house selection antipasto was very good and enjoyed equally by another diner at our table. The entrees varied from Gnocchi to Pasta Bolognese to my Puttanesca. All were enjoyed more that mine as I found it had a quite bland tomato sauce, over populated with black olives. I thought the prices were fair to moderately high. The service was good from the welcome to an Italian waiter and a server. It was quite busy and with a center bar on a Friday night extremely loud. Of course one or two happy drinkers can account for that with a basically open floor plan. I am not sure with all the choices for Italian in the area that we would dine there again by our choice. If you seek this style food in the Blue Bell area it may be worth your visit.

          1. well, it lasted 3 years... i drove by yesterday and the sign is gone, the landscaping torn up and the parking lot roped off. I wonder why it's so difficult to keep a restaurant going on that corner! There was a sign out front about Ristorante Castello, but I didn't get to read the whole thing.