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Aug 9, 2012 05:39 PM

Crazy Burger Narragansett

I went the other night to Crazy Burger and have a mixed opinion on the place that is heralded on these boards. It is the big game in town for sure. It took us a full hour to get in. That is not the place's fault although it's a lot smaller inside then I thought it would be. We foolishly went out at 7PM and it would have been an hour wait to get an ice cream cone or a big mac with the heavy Summer crowd in the area in other words we were stuck waiting one way or another...

The Good....
1) my celery/apple juice was amazing ( although I believe it gave me stomach problems later - not the places fault:) .
2) My kid loved her milk shake.
3) Everyone enjoyed their perspective burger. We each got different kinds and they have a ton of them. One child got a hot dog however and liked it.

The Bad Or Rather Not So Good...
1) The food wasn't worth the hour wait. It was a good burger. Actually their special ketchup made the burger I had much better. The burger went from a B to B-plus. Could we have found a better burger in the area... it's debateable. The hype and wait made us want to be blown away and I think it wasn't particularly life changing although I'd get another burger option next time to really see what they can do. I got the no-frills plain cheese burger. But other family members got various stuff like the Jalapeno burger and liked it, but again weren't blown away.
2) Very small inside and very very loud. We didn't eat outside so I have no idea what it looks like out there.
3) Kind of expensive. We didn't get appetizers, desserts or alcoholic beverages and it was a sizable bill for some burgers and a hot dog. And the kid's hotdog was kind of small.
4) I ordered the only extra which was a poundie ( mashed potatoes and vegatables pressed together). It was good but luke warm. It had been sitting. So was my burger. Some people at the table got hot meals and some got warm to luke warm.

The apple/celery juice was perfect though... I never had celery juice before and never heard of it. They did it perfect. A good place but not a great one.

As a side review we went to Red Parrot for lunch in Newport Ri and we surprised how good the lobster nachos were and how much lobster chunks they gave us! Everyone's meal there was predictably okay, not exceptional with the lobster nachos being a standout.

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  1. We're been to Crazy Burger a few times and generally echo your sentiments. They sport an amazing menu, but the flavors, while fine, always seem to somewhat underwhelm and don't "pop" as much as your would expect. When we ask each other how our meals are, the answer always seems to be, "It's OK, fine..." As you put it, it doesn't blow you away, which it feels like it should.

    Otherwise, I would agree that things tend to trend towards loud, small, slow, and a bit pricey. For that geographic area, though, it's a revelation and there aren't a ton of nearby options. I wish it didn't need that qualifier, but it is what it is...

    1. We live nearby, and never go to Crazy Burger in the summer. It's just too chaotic given the size of the place. Though I will say that we like it precisely because we do not eat beef burgers. What sets them apart (in my opinion) are the burger "alternatives" - the veggie, fish, and chicken burger options are all really good. The juices, smoothies, and salads are great for the non-meat crowd, and it is decidedly less hectic on the off season, which makes the eating experience a bit more relaxed. Breakfast is good, too.

      But even in the off season, there can be waits at meal times. Just not such crazy waits!