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Aug 9, 2012 05:24 PM

Mapo Tofu recipe that tastes like the boxed stuff?

I know there are many recipes for Mapo Tofu out there. But I'm looking for a recipe that tastes like the sauce mix that comes in a foil pouch inside a thin box. Don't know how "authentic" it is, but it's what my mother likes. I believe the brand is "House" and it comes in mild, medium hot, and hot. None of them are actually very spicy, and I don't detect any hint of Szechuan peppercorns. Does anyone have a recipe like this?

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  1. It sounds like your best bet will be to make a Japanese-style version of mapo tofu. Here are a couple of recipes that look like they might fit the bill. or I have not tried either version myself (even though we are of Japanese descent, my family prefers the spicy Szechuan style). If you try either of these, please report back.

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      Thanks BigSal - my mother is also Japanese. I think I will try the first recipe. Think it will make a big difference if I use white miso? We don't normally use red miso, but we always have a tub of white miso on hand. I have all the other ingredients except the ground pork.

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        you will have a less "rich" flavor but it will still work (assuming the recipe is any good to start with)

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          Try the recipe with white miso to see how it tastes. If you find that you like it for the most part, but it needs the oomph from red miso (deeper and richer flavors) you can buy it then. Good luck!

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            You learn something new every day, didn't know there was a Japanese version of doubanjiang.

      2. What does mapo tofu from a box taste like?