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Aug 8, 2012 11:42 PM

Party planning tips for Gymboree party

Hi! My son is turning two and I've kept his party at gymboree here in the bay area, CA. Am planning on getting Indian style pizzas, chicken wings, kiddie pizzas, cupcakes, cake and juices. Mine is a two hr party. Am wondering when is the best time to get the pizzas delivered if party is between say 7pm to 9 pm. 7.30? Am planning to have 45 mts playtime and then eat and free play. There are elders too like uncles aunts grandparents, so I've requested chairs etc. Could u pls advise me on any tips for having this party?

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  1. A 2 year old party from 7-9pm?? Regardless, you should probably ask them at Gymboree. Those places are like factories for kids parties and they usually have an order of when they do things.

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      I can not imagine people with children that small coming out to a party that late.

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        I agree with Valerie. These parties are run on a mostly set schedule & the food is always last, so I would ask the staff.

        I'm going to trust you know your audience better than we do?? In terms of planning food, just make sure you're actually going to have a dinner audience for all the food you plan. 7-9 is late for most small kids, as noted by Valerie & LaLa, & most of the kids I know, including mine, have to eat earlier than 7 or they lose it completely. Just something to consider, but it may well be that your circle consists of more night owls than many of ours do.

      2. Hello - My son is turning one in 2 months and i am planning to celebrate at GYmboree as well.
        i am not sure about the staff - whether they are entertaining and friendly enough for the kids.. plus have a mix group from 1 -5 years.. So i am in 2 minds.. if i should do it at home or gymboree.
        my son enjoys this place a lot -- i take him at fremont now.
        Are you doing at SUnnyvale branch? or any other branch?
        If you dont mind -- would you share the experience of your party at gymborree?

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          I've been to a number of these birthday parties recently & in my experience, there isn't much for the very little ones to do except run around. The activities with staff become more engaging & fun for the slightly older kids. 3 & up. Maybe 2. 1 is so young, though. I would have it at home for a 1 yr. old. But know I'm an old fuddy duddy married to an old fuddy duddy & 3 was the 1st birthday party of any significance. Before that, it was us, the grandparents, & some cake. :)

        2. Check with them first - when we did my son's party at Gymboree 4 years ago, they had a list of allowed and not allowed foods. Popcorn and chips were not allowed, I remember. I asked one of the staff why and she told me it was because they crumble and break up and get all over and they only have a short amount of time to clean up between parties. They suggested pzzas, veggie tray, salads etc. We are Indian too, so I had a tray of samosas for the people who didn't want pizza.

          Our Gymboree had some seating along one wall for parents but they didn't have tables and chairs for them. School cafeteria style picnic tables for the kids in the party room, and adults had to stand.

          1. Plenty of vodka for the "elders."

            1. I must allow add my concern for the late hour of the party. I would see this as even a tad late of a start for an adult sit down dinner. For a two year old to be expected to play until 7:45pm (two year olds do not seem to do structured play for that long in any I have known) then eat, play some more then go home to be settled down for the night, to me, seems nothing short of a miracle. More than likely, a melt-down would occur.
              I know that you are celebrating a wonderful event, but please do consider being more time appropriate, your your birthday boy.