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Aug 9, 2012 04:34 PM

Best Korean BBQ & Best Mae'un Tang - any borough

After a trip to the Noryangjin fish market in Seoul I have searched high and low for amazing mae'un tang in the city. So far they've been fair to middling. Any suggestions? Also looking for a Korean BBQ spot that stands above the rest.

I'm willing to trek for an amazing meal!

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  1. Can't recommend a place for mae un tang, sorry, but Mapo BBQ @41st Ave (close to the Murray Hill LIRR station) would be my first choice for kalbi.

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    1. re: diprey11

      I agree about Mapo. Whenever I get kalbi elsewhere I wish I could have Mapo's instead.
      For samgyeopsal I like Hahm Ji Bach because it's really tender and seasoned. Tong Samgyeop Gui is a more interesting experience, though, and you get the bokkeumbap, which I love.

    2. I've always had great experiences at Sol Bawoo in Flushing. Also San Soe Kap San is quite good.

      I'd be interested in hearing contemporary opinions about Queens Korean BBQ from others.