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Aug 9, 2012 04:26 PM

Kedai Makan

Just tried this Malaysian mobile concept called Kedai Makan. Really enjoyed a braised beef rendang-style dish over rice, and also a chicken curry noodle soup with fresh basil. They had a sambol on the side that was very bright and hot. Apparently Kedai has been working the Broadway farmer's market since March; yesterday was their first day at the Columbia City farmer's market. They have done dishes such as chili crab at pop-ups at Crush, etc. Recommended.

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  1. Just ate here yesterday at Columbia city farmers market. Had the black pepper prawns with kang kung. Really good. Very sharp flavors. The chili condiment is good also.

    1. These are the only folks besides Malay Satay Hut that make food that actually tastes like authentic Malaysian food. What I've had is authentic tasting Malay food, as opposed to Nonya Chinese Malaysian or Indian Malaysian (all of which are made at MSH). It is very good! Generous portions at reasonable prices.

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        have you tried "satay' in wallingford? it's not bad.

        1. re: amybobamy

          I'd agree that Satay is "not bad," but nothing compared to MSH or Kedai Mekan.