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Aug 9, 2012 04:24 PM

Looking for a great place for a large group, SW Portland... any ideas?

I am trying to plan a bridal shower-type special dinner in honor of one of my oldest & dearest friends who is getting married soon in Portland. This would be for a Thursday night, in a few weeks. The problem is I am in Boston, and would love to handle all the details so she doesn't have to worry about it. I've been searching online, yelp, etc, but feel like there must be lots of options I am missing.

We have only a few requirements:
SW Portland (so no one has to cross a bridge at the end of the night)
Good to excellent food, with at least one or two decent veg options
Not a pizza joint
AND we have to be able to make a reservation.

Outside tables and reasonable prices would also be awesome too.

Am I asking too much? I know how amazing Portland restaurants are. I just didn't realize how many DO NOT take reservations. We've struck out so far with the Farm, Produce Row, the Observatory, Caldera.

I've read through past threads about large groups but all the suggestions seem to be downtown. Does anyone have other suggestions for us?

Thank you so much!

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  1. You're aware that downtown IS part of SW Portland and restaurants such as The Farm and Produce Row are on the side of the river you say you don't want to be on? So, which is it? Are you confusing the restaurants or what side of the river you want to be on? Crossing the river is not that big a deal to be honest and depending on where you are restaurants on the east side can be easier to get to anyway. Based on what you said you have tried I might suggest Acqua Riva, Meriwether's, Henry's Tap Room, Alexis, Deschutes Brewery, Portland City Grill and the VQ. There's a large range of styles and pricing there. These are west side joints with all in the SW region except Meriwether's and Deschutes which are NW. Update on what you're looking for and where.

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      Thank you, so sorry, I meant SE, not SW! My apologies!

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        Try the Eastside Saloon, Clarklewis, Ciao Vito, Esparzas, Tabla, Accanto. Again, wide range of styles and pricing although I did end up a little on the Italian side. They would all be able to handle some group of say 24 or so. I'm sure others will have suggestions. They're all close in except Ciao Vito which is on Alberta.