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Where in Los Angeles County Has Really Good Meatballs?

I watched the Food Channel and saw Throwdown with Bobby Flay and he went up against some place on Long Island, NY, called Maroni's Those looked like great meatballs. I want some but I am not flying to NY to go to Long Island to get meatballs.

Where in LA are meatballs out of this world, off planet, off the shelf, total flavor town?

I got a recipe off the Food Channel website and followed it closely but didn't taste so great. I think the recipe is not accurate because had way too much filling to meat ratio I think. Looked nothing like the real meatballs I saw on the Throwdown. I made some with the Alton Brown recipe and were good but I want to go out to a restaurant in the LA area that is known to have great meatballs.


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  1. Here is a somewhat dated thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/699587 but the Mozza suggestion is still on point.

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      Thank you for the link. I'm gonna check it out.

      I just saw on the Food Network on Eat Street some meatball truck called Meatballs on Fire or something that is popular too. Gotta check it out.

      The meatballs I made that I am not impressed with are growing on me. I tend to possibly like them now but they are not great either.

    2. Sotto in WeHo has excellent pork meatballs. Salty, fatty, and very moist.

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        Thanks. Those meatballs seem just my style. I will go there.

        1. In Brentwood, Ristorante Peppone's filet mignon meatballs are quite good.

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            I like Huckleberry's turkey meatballs.

          2. According to my boyfriend, the meatballs at Il Pestaio n Beverly Hills are the best!! I tried them and they lived up to their reputation for sure.

            1. I love the meatballs at Pizzeria Mozza. Really love.

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                  Right you are. I had forgotten about those divine meatballs. Definitely, the best!

              1. The meatballs at Vito (in Santa Monica on Ocean Park at 28th) are out of control good, only served on Saturday night. They are enormous, though.

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