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Aug 9, 2012 02:11 PM

Barcelona eating guide?

On recent trips to Paris and Rome, I lived by books like Hungry for Paris and Food, Wine, Rome. I flagged the restaurants/bakeries/wine bars that sounded interesting and the carried the book around with me. If my wandering found me hungry in a particular neighborhood, I could pop open the book and quickly figure out what we were nearby that sounded good. Why does there not seem to be a similar book for such an eating destination as Barcelona? Is there one that I'm just not finding?

Those of you on here who seem really well-versed on the culinary scene in Barcelona, I think you'd make a killing if you wrote a good eating guide!

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  1. I found Movidas Guide to Barcelona to be an excellent dining reference on my recent trip to the city.

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      Oh, that looks like a really good guide book.

      You can sample the Barceloneta section here:

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        That's exactly what I was look for, thanks!

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          If anyone knows of a similar guide for Madrid, I would love to know about it. I'm starting to compile a list of addresses for my stay there, but I'm finding it all very overwhelming.

          Thank you