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Aug 9, 2012 01:24 PM

Take Out and/or Delivery in Niagara Falls....

I do realize that Niagara Falls is a tourist trap and generally overpriced, but would like any updated suggestions on where to get some decent take-out or delivery while in town. Any type of food suggestions would be apreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Antica for pizza. The Regal Diner for great diner breakfasts or lunches. They are not open for dinner, closed on Tuesdays. It's a very old-school and tired looking diner, but the young couple that own it are making great food with fresh, local ingredients (homemade breads, jams and sausage, local bacon, etc.).

    1. Try Il Sorriso on Clark near Ferry St. Small, simple joint (perfect for take away) with solid thin-crusts, pasta staples, and fresh salad. We were there in June 2012, and had a medium veggie pizza and big salad for take out to enjoy in our fall's view room. For $25 with change, I think it's great value for the Falls. What really surprised me was the tomatos in the salad; they were juicy, ripe cherry tomatoes that burst with flavour.

      Il Sorriso Cafe & Pizzeria
      5983 Clark Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario l2g3w3 , Canada

      1. For delivery, Zappi's is a standby for us in the falls. Start with double cheese and extra sauce and go from there.