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Aug 9, 2012 12:16 PM

5 Simple Things That Every Bad Cook Does Wrong - Cracked Magazine

Cracked is ostensibly a humor site, but every day they publish articles with very interesting and informative topics. Sure, the articles are funny, but they are also pretty well researched and organized. There is usually lots of NSFW language, if that's an issue for you, and some of the humor is pretty juvenile, but it is still a great site to learn new things.

5 Simple Things That Every Bad Cook Does Wrong

#5. Cutting Meat Too Soon After Cooking It
#4. Using High Heat on Everything
#3. Not Knowing Your Pans
#2. Going Crazy With the Seasoning
#1. F&%#ing With It Too Much

Another fun food related article:
9 Ridiculous Cooking Myths You Probably Believe

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  1. I definitely can be guilty of no. 1 at times. It's difficulty for me to walk away and quit tinkering with stuff sometimes. I've ruined more than a few meals with my cooking ADD.

    1. #5 should also have a subtext saying "telling people at a BBQ they are cutting it too soon, will get you uninvited to their next one." But who cares, because they serve crap steak.