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Aug 9, 2012 11:27 AM

Starbucks Food/Pastry

I have only ever purchased coffee there... and have never even considered their food. But while traveling, I noticed everyone was quite knowledgable about which breakfast and lunch items were good. It all looks very fake to me--like the plastic food you see in cafe-windows sometimes.

Fill me in... are any of the overpriced bakery/food items worth purchasing?

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  1. I like their breakfast sandwiches. They're basically glorified McDonald's McMuffins, but the ingredients they use are tasty and at least *seem* more healthy than McDonald's haha.

    I've tried a number of other things, but it's so hit and miss... some of it could have been sitting there for awhile so it's a little stale.

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      The baked items are, IMO, horrible. Like something from the grocery store. But I agree the breakfast sandwiches can be damed good.

    2. I don't know about the stuff wrapped in plastic, but the baked items will sometimes have a coffee smell/flavor to them. At rest stops I'll sometimes grab a trio of vanilla scones,or a blueberry, or a slice of lemon pound cake when I want a snack to go with a coffee I don't think that they are worth purchasing if you have other options, but they aren't horrible.

      1. the muffins and scones are around $2.25. The bagels are $1.25. They are not overpriced.

        Same for the morning buns and Mallorca sweet bread, both $1.95.

        The baked goods aren't what you think look plastic, I'm assuming. For two bucks you get some fairly tasty and filling carbs.

        The lunch combos do seem overpriced to me.

        1. It's as good as anything made in a central commissary would be. It serves its purposes, namely if you're in there already for coffee and feel a pang of hunger then you don't have to make another stop elsewhere. However, I've never said "wow, I'm really in the mood for a Starbucks ____!"

          So as to whether it's worth it - not from my perspective. But if you're there and hungry then you won't find it offensive.

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            Last I heard, they were getting all their baked goods made for them by Sara Lee....who does do some upscale frozen goodies. Maybe it as a trial to see how it went, as I see now they may be looking into making them themselves?

          2. I've bought a cookie or 2 on impulse, and they were sufficiently dreary that I'm no longer tempted by them. On the other hand, I've enjoyed many cinnamon scones.