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Aug 9, 2012 11:23 AM

Spoleto's in Northampton

I hear Spoleto's is moving to their property down the street from their current location. I wonder what can survive in such a large space with such high rent. I would love to see something like a Flatbread Pizza, like the one in Burlington, or a really good Italian restaurant :)

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  1. I should have known they'd be moving... I've been there about three times over several years. Back in the day it was a packed place... I recently went one Friday night at the end of June around 6PM and had no issue getting in which was a surprise. The meal was good but the place never got more than half full in the hour or so we were there. Those who know Noho, know eating out there on a beautiful Summer weekend night during certain times there will be a wait. A lot of empty tables. But for all I know it got packed around 8PM. Try to get into Joes around 6PM and see if it's half empty and you can pick your table. Good meal though.

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      I've never cared for the food at Spoleto's but their location is awesome - great outdoor seating and roomy inside dining. I always figured the people who packed it on the weekend were day trippers or parents visiting their kids in college, drawn in by the appeal of outdoor dining. I don't like their other place, Pizza Paradiso, very much either. There are only 2 or 3 things I have found that I like on that menu, but again I really like the space. Italian food in general is not very good around here. We like Alina's for a fancy meal and we love Joe's for comfort food. We ate at Mulino's a couple of times and it was okay, but not great either.

      I always get excited at the idea of a new restaurant opening, always hoping it will be great. Overall the restaurant scene is getting much better in the Valley. It will be interesting to see what transpires in the Spoleto space.

      1. re: JunieB

        Spoleto was good when it first opened, creative and fun. It is just tired now!
        It is a great space, but noisy.

    2. Flatbread Pizza would do very well in Northampton. They have a great product and are already situated in other New England BoBo (Bourgeois Bohemian) communities including Burlington, Portsmouth, Martha's Vineyard, Portland, and The Mt Washington Valley of NH. I don't think the Spoleto location is too large for Flatbread.
      But I'm afraid that some local restauranteur will grab the folks from Delaney House/Log Cabin and put some tired overdone mediocre concept restaurant in the location. Or some overpriced overwrought restaurant like Arise "Farm to Table" Pizzeria from Amherst might try to get in on the Northampton action.