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Aug 9, 2012 11:09 AM

Where to go for lunch in Dogpatch neighborhood?

I am meeting a friend for lunch in the area near the new UCSF / Mission Bay construction.

I've been to Hard Knox Cafe and The New Spot.

Any other casual inexpensive places worth visiting?

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  1. we go to Just for You. prices are moderate for SF places not serving canned and frozen stuff. best beignets we've found in this area.

    1. Piccino on 22nd St. Excellent pizza, salads and paninis.

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      1. Moshi Moshi, corner of 3rd & 18th, is a little more "business style". Ignore the Sushi and get things like Noodles, fried chicken, tempura, bentos.

        1. On Fridays, Poquito. Other days it doesn't open until 4.

          1. Kitchenette is one of my favorite places to get a lunch. Finding a place to eat that lunch is either a challenge or an opportunity. There are some shore front places nearby that offer a dissonant mix of killer bay views, best weather in SF, and piles of garbage and graffiti that kind of fits the neighborhood aesthetic. If you eat on the tables they provide by their loading dock, you can walk over to Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous for an ice cream for dessert.

            And if this sounds horrific, I'll add a fourth, enthusiastic thumbs up for Piccino.