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Homemade pasta, sausage, food shops in Little Italy, Baltimore

Hi, I will be traveling to Little Italy, Baltimore with a bus tour next weekend (Aug 18-19). It will be my first time there. I would like to know if there are any Italian food stores there that would sell authentic Italian pastas, sausages, cheeses and such that I could take home with me. I plan to bring a cooler.

Also, at least the name of
one good restaurant and any specialty stores that should not be missed. Thank you so much.

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  1. Piedigrotta Bakery should definitely be on your list.


    1. Trinacria, great Italian deli and grocery store, 100+ years old.


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        Trinacria is not in Little Italy (or even close).

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          Sadly, or ironically (take your pick) the best Italian delis in Baltimore are nowhere near Little Italy. Trinacria (best choice) or Dipaquale's are not in Little Italy, but they are by far the best places in Bawlmer. Isabella's is by far the best Italian joint in Little Italy, but I can't speak to their carryout options.

      2. Casa di Pasta in Little Italy makes fresh pastas and raviolis, along with sauces. Trinacria, as already mentioned, is good Italian deli/grocery. It's generally stronger on groceries and wines while Di Pasquale's in Highlandtown has a bigger array of deli items and cheeses. Neither is in Little Italy though.

        1. Yes, Tinacria is a great shop, however, it is located about two miles west of LIttle Italy. Di Pasquale's is about 2.5 miles east of Little Italy.

          If you're up to trying some homemade smoked Polish/Russian/Ukranian sausages, Krakus Deli is about a half of a mile east of LIttle Italy.

          For fresh and dry cured kielbasa and other sausages, Ostrwoski's on Washington Street is and old Baltimore tradition. It's located a few blocks east of Krakus Deli.

          524 South Washington Street Baltimore, MD 21231
          (410) 327-8935

          1. Isabella's is a quaint little shop with above average offerings.


            1. None are near Little Italy:
              Di Pasquales

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                Another vote for Trinacria!

              2. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I have looked at the websites and made note of the recommendations. We leave Friday. I am really looking forward to trying the places suggested. Thank you.

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                  I can't believe no one mentioned Vaccaro's!

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                    Piedagrotta is better than Vaccaro's by a wide margin.

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                      I definitely prefer Piedagrotta, but Vaccaro's does have the advantage of higher turnover.

                2. Had a great time at the Italian festival and thoroughly enjoyed the inner harbor. Casa di Pasta - very nice pasta, recommend the pear, gorgonzola raviola. Piedigrotta was excellent. Brought home panetonne and a fresh peach cake/pie (it had a crust but also had sponge cake inside.) It was wonderful. Served it for dessert at a dinner party once home with fresh raspberry sauce. I did go to Vaccaro's. Excellent pine nut cookies there.
                  Had an A++++dinner at La Tavola. Wonderful food, superb service, good wines. Lovely. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

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                    Next time you go to Vacarro's try the almond slice cookies. Cake-like and filled with amaretto flavor! O.M.G. FOODGASM!!!!