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Aug 9, 2012 10:15 AM

Chinese restaurant in Manhattan or Queens with private room

I'm trying to host a birthday party with about 15 people. I'd like to find a Chinese restaurant with a semi private or private room for a buffet style dinner. Ideally I'd like flexible seating where people can mingle and walk around. NY or Queens would work.

So far I called:
Congee Brewery/ Congee Village - each has a $650-700 minimum requirement which is a bit pricey but potentially do-able; the main issue is the rooms have two tables and everyone will have to be seated which kinda defeats the point of the private room.

Shun Lee Palace - they told me they do not have a private room

saw another trend recommending Evergreen Shangai but the yelp reviews for it say the food is mediocre. There will be a number of taiwanese and chinese guests so I'd like as authentic/good food as possible.

Anyone have recommendations?

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  1. Tang Pavillion on W. 55th St. is a lovely restaurant with excellent food (I think). They don't have private rooms, however. But I have seen them serve groups in areas set off by movable screens so that the seating is semi-private. Their service would not be conducive to a buffet. The service would be family style with people seated and not moving around.

    1. I had a party for 22 in a private room at Congee Village and it worked very well. Of course, with more people the minimum was less of a problem. they let me order off menu, as well, so we had quite respectable Peking duck, etc.

      1. Oriental Garden has a couple of cheaper pre-set dinners - $250 for 8 people is the cheapest one, which you could just double-up to $500 for 16 (or 15, someone will eat the extras I'm sure...)

        You might also want to call Danny Ng's, Jing Fong, Golden Unicorn, and Ping's - of them, the first and the last have the best food, but they'd also likely be the most expensive. Going under $650 for that many people might be tough... Some of the bigger places might not have a private room, per se, but could cordon off a private area in one of their large dining rooms.

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          But does OG have private rooms?