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Aug 9, 2012 10:14 AM

good bluefish in nyc

What restaurants serve quality bluefish at reasonable prices in nyc?

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  1. I don't know what price you consider reasonable, but I've had excellent bluefish at Esca.

    1. Forget reasonable, I'd settle for just finding it on a menu. In all the years dining out, I don't recall a single NYC restaurant that had bluefish on its regular menu. In fact the only place I know of that has bluefish on its menu is in CT. Bluefish is commonly perceived as an oily dark fish that tastes too much of fish. Imagine that! Mackerel falls into the same category. I love both. Only place I ever find mackerel is in sushi and korean places. Bluefish? I'm stumped. I'd love to find it too. Going to have to go out this weekend and catch some.

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        Bluefish is an underrated fish. It tastes fantastic, if cared for properly. There are two problems with Bluefish,. The first is, it spoils fast., so most often when you get it in a restaurant it is very very fishy, not because the fish is a "fishy" fish , but because it wasn't kept right. If fishing for blue fish, when you catch them you should keep them on ice. Bleeding them is a good idea.
        By the time a fish store gets bluefish , they are pretty much "over the hill" already.
        They aren't used for sushi because they spoil too fast. My recommendation for bluefish, is to catch it and eat it. Even when you buy it from fisherman coming back to the dock, these fish have been out all day , going bad. Some will have kept them or filleted them and put them on ice. But most don't.
        The second reason bluefish are hard to find in a restaurant, is that commercial fishermen do not want to fish for them because they get paid very little per pound ( maybe 25cents). When the commercial fishermen in the Hamptons ( haul seiners) get them in their nets, when going for striped bass, they discard the bluefish most often.
        Bluefish season from the beaches will start in a few weeks. My advice is get a fishing rod go to the beach catch a few( a lot of fun) and cook it yourself. It is one of my favorite fish to eat.

      2. It looks like Grey Lady is serving a bluefish pâté.

        1. I haven't had it, but I noticed Num Pang currently has a seasonal Bluefish sandwich on their menu.

          "Grilled Local Bluefish With Leeks $8.00
          Thai-Basil Infused Olive Oil"

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          1. re: Humbucker

            interesting ,, i hope local isn't from the Hudson

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              Bluefish are ocean fish. We used to catch tons of them off of Long Island.

              (People don't make jokes about local bass, do they? The best fish from around here, IMO.)

              1. re: Sneakeater

                Actually, Sneakeater, there are bluefish and striped bass running in the East River right now.

                The anglers down there congregate in the 80s and 70s, and fish over the railing. They tend to use bait, along with alcohol and drugs.

                And, against the DEC's recommendation, they keep (and possibly eat) everything they catch.

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                  I wish you hadn't told me that.

                  1. re: knucklesandwich

                    The East River is getting cleaner, There used to be mostly eels, sometimes caught when dead bodies are fished up, the eels would come out of them. The Hudson has plenty of striped bass and bluefish. The waters not too far away around Marine Park bridge thru Rockaways are cleaner and ok to eat the fish. Fire Island, Hamptons and Montauk is my preference for catching and eating fish.

                    1. re: foodwhisperer

                      Due to PCBs and mercury, bluefish over 24'' (3-4 lbs) are off the menu for pregnant women and children. Period.

                      The DEC recommends that anyone who likes bluefish limit their consumption to a couple of 6oz portions a month.

              2. re: Humbucker

                The Num Pang version is delicious -- lucky enough to have enjoyed it many times since they are close to my office in midtown.

              3. Momofuku Ssam Bar has a blackened bluefish sandwich with kale and miso on the dinner menu.

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                  You beat me to it Kathryn, the Momofuku sandwich is v good.

                  Whenever I catch and keep one, my parents smoke it and break it up into kind of a pate, v good on crackers as a Hors d'oeuvre.

                  1. re: kathryn

                    Huh. I was there last night and don't recall seeing it on the menu. Definitely would have treid it if I noticed it. I am planning on going fishing this weekend.