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Aug 9, 2012 10:02 AM

Great dinner options near Greek Theater on a Thursday?

Help! Any great foodie dinner suggestions near Greek Theater for a group of 8? Would love to hear all your opinions!!

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  1. I do the Greek a lot with groups. The standard options get a little boring and are not, IMHO, real "foodie" places, just OK places. These would be - Fred 62, Little Dom's, Mexico City, Farfalla and Vermont.

    To mix it up lately we've branched of the Hillhurst/Vermont corridors to Umami burger, Mother Dough, Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada, Rodded, Pa Ord Noodle, Krua Siri

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      I went to Vermont today for lunch....or so I thought....and found that they've turned it into a supper club with entertainment. No longer a restaurant, though they serve food as part of the supper club.
      Rockwell in the back is open, and I had a nice lunch there. But I'll miss Vermont; it was always one of my favorite places in the neighborhood.

    2. Barbrix on Hyperion in Silver Lake.

      1. Little Dom's and Farfalla are more than solid for Italian.

        Umami for more casual burger night.

        Mother Dough for sit down pizza.

        1. If you decide to go to Little Dom's, you might want to make a reservation. I've rarely been able to just walk in and get a table without waiting. Farfalla is a good option. My favorite place in the neighborhood is Le Figaro on Vermont but it's a bit small and might be hard to get a table for 8. The Moqueca (Fish stew) at Tropicalia is pretty good but that's all I'd recommend from their menu. You're close enough to Thai Town to make that a decent option too. If casual is ok, Boo's Cheese Steaks are really good.