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Aug 9, 2012 09:39 AM

Fresh Padron Peppers locally?

I just got an email from specialty food website La Tienda announcing hat Padron peppers are in season and available (by mail at $17.50 / lb with flat rate $15 shipping...) - theirs are US-grown with seeds from Galicia.

Has anybody seen this variety sold locally? I am not sure whether Toro gets them or uses shishito peppers as a (pretty tasty) approximation, but I would love to find an accessible, more affordable source for the actual Padron variety. Thanks!

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  1. Bumping this thread for this year.

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    1. re: itryalot

      just bought some at Siena farms stand at Copley.

      1. re: bostonfoodz

        I vaguely recall seeing some at Allendale Farm last weekend.

        1. re: johndory

          Allandale (www.allandalefarm) does indeed have them wholesale and retail. If you need a large quantity you can email or call ahead.

      2. re: itryalot

        Not the answer you are looking for I know, but I am growing some from seed (johnny's) this year and as a total amateur they are going gangbusters. No bugs, no deer, and more peppers than I can eat from 10 plants in the ground. And I can eat a lot of padrons. Doing shishitos as well, which are doing well also, though not as vigorous for me. So for next year it's worth trying...

        I have also seen them for sale in plastic containers at whole foods from time to time.

        1. re: loper

          Mine did terribly as I planted them too soon and killed off half of them. The other half have been enjoyed by the bunnies nearby!

      3. I don't see padron on their website but we try make a stop here on our way to or from the vineyard. I haven't heard of any markets carrying their peppers this year but its worth shooting them an email to see if they have them.

        1. Did anyone have luck? What about this time of year? I had shishito s at DBar in Boston, tried to find out where they got them but got no where. I wonder if a super 88 would have them. I'm obsessed. Thanks

          1. I bought some fresh ones labeled "organic Padron" from Whole Foods Fresh Pond a couple of weeks ago - they were tasty but NONE were the least bit spicy, and we had to toss about 10% that were past their prime when we opened the pint container.

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            1. re: rlh

              Thank you rlh! I find some at the Deham store today. $3.99 a pint (rip) nonetheless I bought four after inspecting and leaving some sketchy raisin looking ones behind. If I get the scoop from Dbar I will report back. Thanks!