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Aug 9, 2012 09:19 AM

Twin Cities Indian Restaurants

Anyone know of any Indian restaurants around town with the dangerously spicy Phaal Curries on their menus?

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  1. Not specifically. While driving down Central Avenue last night to load up on Lebanese Pocket Bread and other goodies at the Holy Land, I noticed more than one Indian restaurant along the strip. I don't remember seeing any when I lived in that area a decade ago. Maybe they might be worth a look.

    There is no bad curry in my world

    1. They have Lamb Phaal on their take out menu. I have not tried it. It isn't on their current menu but I would ask.
      India Cafe - Bloomington
      (952) 884-1067 | 7826 Portland Ave. , Minneapolis , MN 55420

      1. I've never had a Plaal curry - don't know what it is, but City Pages has a blog post on their "Top 10" Indian Restaurants. Personally, I think the Indian places on Central Ave are a better bet, but perhaps one of these might have the dishes you seek.

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          Thanks to all who replied. Actually the City Pages article is what sparked my brain. I have recently hit a wall with Spicy Foods. I am on a hunt for the most scorching of Curries and other molten goodness. Bangkok Thai Deli's Red Curry at level 5 Spicy is no match for me. Indian Phaal Curries are supposed to be even more incendiary than Thai so that is what I am looking for.

          1. re: Fudist

            Even for Phaal curries, I think there is a finite amount of heat to be gotten from habanero's and lesser chilis. You need to seek out Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia), or even worst, Trinidad Scorpion peppers.

            If you're merely looking for hot, check out Marla's Caribbean Cuisine and Harry Singh's. I know Marla's has ghost pepper dishes from time to time. A friend of mine merely had the jerk tofu and said it was the hottest thing he's ever eaten and that it would make me cry.

            I also have a ghost pepper plant if you want to take a bite out of one...

            1. re: semanticantics

              Apparently I need to travel to Downtown New York City to visit Brick Lane Curry House for the Phaal Curry Challenge which includes both Ghost Peppers and The Scorpion. Adam of Man Vs Food has defeated this challenge which supposedly boasts the world's hottest curry.

              1. re: semanticantics

                I'll second that on Harry Singh's.You will have your taste buds inflamed, throbbing and begging for mercy (or milk) by the time your are done there...

              2. re: Fudist

                I don't know if this fits the bill, or if Harry is still around, but I have a fond spicy memory from years past. When Harry Singh had his restaurant across from Calhoun Square, I was 22 and just back from my older brother's wedding in St. Kitts. I had eaten a roti there and discovered that Harry Singh made them too! I went in and ordered one. The girl behind the counter told me that they had spices up to Level 5. I told her that I wanted Level 4. She laughed and said that she would put Level 1 on there with Level 3 in a side cup. She then told me that if it wasn't hot enough, I could come back and she'd give me another roti for free.

                I took the roti home and took a few bites while watching the Twins game with my roommates. The roti was definitely spicy. I was chowing down on that roti and grinning ear to ear while a shower of sweat raced down my forehead, all while I developed a bad case of spice-related hiccups! I tried a few drops of the Level 3 here and there, but it burned my mouth. There would be no free roti in my future.

                I love spicy food and can handle most of it, but Harry Singh's spicy roti got my attention that day. Good luck in your spice adventures.

                1. re: GutGrease

                  I'm looking forward to trying this place. Looks delicious!