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Aug 9, 2012 09:05 AM

Quite Coffee Shops for Studying??

Can anyone recommend a quite coffee shop or spot that's good for studying around Penn Station or Midtown in general?

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  1. question: around what time do you plan on studying there?

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    1. This is not the response you want, but no place of public accomodation is a good place to conduct serious academic study. Cool, yes, conducive to study, no.

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        People are able to study in different environments. I personally did 75% of my studying in medical school in cafes because the silence of working at home or in a library lead me to waste too much time on the Internet (including chowhound) rather than focusing on studying.

        Unfortunately, since I live in Hoboken and not the city I don't have suggestions for specific places that would work for you, but most coffee shops around universities are full of people studying mid-day during the week. I also find that the people working there are less likely to be annoyed that you're sitting for a while at that time of day (and when there are a lot of other students around). When I studied out a lot I always tried to get at least 2 drinks and some lunch if they sold food so I didn't feel like too much of a freeloader.

      2. Midtown/Penn Station is going to be tough. It's not a coffee shop but the NYPL is probably your best bet.

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          +1 for NYPL Rose Room
          (whence you can pop outside to Bryant Park for your coffee fix.)

        2. Culture Espresso on 38th just east of 6th Ave might be good on off hours. I definitely see people studying there, but it gets quite busy around lunchtime and in the morning. Best choice if coffee/food quality is a concern.

          Cupcake Cafe, in the shadow of Port Authority (9th Ave side), is an attractive calming oasis in that neighborhood.

          And on 10th Ave between 37th & 38th is a spot called Cafe Grind. I've only been there once, and there were definitely people working there, but it was quite crowded at lunchtime. I don't have a listing for it yet, but there are some photos on my Flickr so you can get an idea.