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Aug 9, 2012 08:23 AM

Can't find this paring knife!

Many years ago I just happened upon a little paring knife that quickly became my all time favorite. After quite a few years of use, I needed a new one but LOVED the style I had so I searched and searched until, low and behold, I found it online and ordered two. Well that's been more than 10 years now and I am in need again. Problem is...can't find it... and am getting so frustrated searching for hours online. My old one has no makers mark on writing of any kind on it and , Of course, I can't remember who made it. I am REALLY hoping someone here can steer me in the right direction. This time...I'll buy 10 and they'll outlast me!!! :)
It has a wooden handle with 2 rivets. The blade is 3" long and the handle is approx. 4" long. The tang goes into the handle about 2" (although I don't care about that...I just add it to help identify the one I have now) The thing that's different about this knife is the shape of the blade. It has a curved edge that I love. Please don't try to sell me on another kind. I'm really tired of trying others that I just don't like. Really hope someone out there can help me out!
Thanks in advance!!!
See Picture
(and , yes, I know the condition of the wood and some people may want to tell me that's why I shouldn't use wood but I just want help finding this please! :)

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  1. I agree about the shape of the blade being desirable. I have one similar to that (but with a different handle) which is my most-used paring knife. I bought it in a drugstore in 1967 or 1968.

    Is this trimming knife similar?

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      This is the closest thing I've seen so far, I'll definatly save the link! Still not quite right though. Have you used this one? I'm wondering if the blade is fairly thin.

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        No, I haven't used it — it's too expensive, although it is available for less I think. The double curve is unusual but just right for certain things. Mine is an inexpensive SS blade wirh a cherrywood handle, made in Japan. And 45 years old, as I wrote. It couldn't have cost a dollar then.

        The Wüsthoff appears to be longer than mine and probably a heavier blade as well.

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        I think the Traditions line is a closer match.

        I remevber their knives from when I was growing up. The old ones as i recall had carbon steel blades and would take a good edge.

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          First one's more like it. If you come across anything else I'd love to see it!

        2. That distinctive inward curvature on the early part of the blade is a feature I would normally call a 'recurve.' Unfortunately, that term is usually applied to non-kitchen knives, and even kitchen knives with a recurve are not typically labelled as such for sale.

          The Shun Perfect paring knife has that feature, but the overall geometry is otherwise quite different. Also fairly pricey.

          That feature is also more common on assorted vintage knives. Just looking at the first page of Ebay's offerings for 'vintage paring knife,' these options popped up:

          (note - I'm not sure that's an intentional recurve - it's possible a damaged paring knife that once had a straight edge - the pictures aren't that clear


          (basically the same deal as above


          (perhaps the closest I could find


          So the short answer - I couldn't find any exact matches, but I'm sure there's something out there.

          1. Perhaps you would like a bird's beak (or tourné) shape, which is readily available. An alternative is to find a knife si ilar in size but with a conventional convex shape and have a knife sharpener grind it to match the old one.

            1. Possibly an old Robinson. I have a steak knife with a similar handle shape.

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                Not really worried about the handle, it's the blade shape I'm looking for!

                1. re: Tawnya61

                  True but the handle shape can help identify the maker so you can scan Ebay for that makers products.