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Aug 9, 2012 07:49 AM

Long Beach Peninsula

We will be staying on the Long Beach Peninsula for a few days. We try to get there every other year. Have any good new eateries opened? Some of our favorites are Jimella's (which won't be open while we are there), 42nd St Cafe, and The Depot. The restaurants in Ilwaco seem to come and go, so I am not sure what is open there now. Any suggestions?

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  1. Check out Scapece/Apertivo in the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach. Southern Italian food - wood fired pizzas with a nice view of the ocean. I believe they are closed on Mondays.

    For a more casual (though Scapece isn't exactly "dressy") meal - I had a great fish and chips at a little place just off the main drag in Long Beach. It's a fish market with a little restaurant attached. Cannot remember the name but the fish was so fresh and the batter was crispy and light. Loved that! I remember there's a small park-like area in front of the restaurant...

    1. The fish place is right behind the Police station--I can't remember the name either. The Corral on the north end of Long Beach serves great hamburgers and is a favorite of the locals. Pick up a fresh cooked dungeness crab at any of the fresh suppliers, a bottle of wine, some fresh French bread from the Bakery in the middle of Long Beach, and have a picnic on the beach!

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        Aloha Charlie's! That was it!

        The crab idea is a good one too!

      2. We ended up eating one night at Aloha Charlie's (good fish and chips), one night at The Depot (they make the best steak), and one night at Jimella's. We spent all Sunday eating oysters at the Jazz and Oyster Festival, but we knew if we did not eat at Jimella's on Sunday night we would miss our chance, since we were leaving on Sunday. So stuffed with oysters, we stuffed some more at Jimella's. As always, food and service were spectacular. Also fit in a breakfast at 42nd St Cafe (one of our favorites for any meal), and a first time visit to Laurie's Homestead for breakfast.

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          The restaurant at The Shelbourne Inn is very good. I've also heard great things about Pelicano on the waterfront in Ilwaco. :)

        2. Since you will probably wander over to Astoria for shopping, the Taco Truck on 101 just west of the bridge has the best Mexican food in the area. They do have some covered and heated tables in the adjacent building so you can eat in comfort.