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Aug 9, 2012 07:00 AM

Weddings at Archeo


Im looking into having my wedding at Archeo in the Distillery next summer. We are planning on having the ceremony outside on their patio and the reception inside the resturant. The reception will be cocktail style with lots of passed hors d'oeuvres and a few food stations.

Because it is a cocktail style reception a tasting is not offered. Does anyone have any feed back on this style of a reception and the hor d'oeuvres at Archeo? It would help me out alot!

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  1. They won't do a tasting even if you offer to pay for it??

    1. Hi QuinnCC,
      We are having our wedding there this coming weekend - similar to yours (passed hors d'oeuvres, few stations). When we were first booking it, they had mentioned they could do a tasting for a few hors d'oeuvres but that somehow never materialized. I'll let you know how ours goes

      1. Hi QuinnCC,

        We had our wedding at Archeo last year (ceremony outdoors, sit-down reception). We also had canapes after the reception as well during the evening (late-night snack). I don't believe we were able to sample any of the canapes, but from what our guests said, everyone really enjoyed their food (dinner and canapes). I know we chose 3-4 canapes for after the reception and another 2 for the late night snack. I recall our guests really liking the lamb pops (I think?). I hope that helps, when I get home I can post what we had exactly.

        1. Hi again QuinnCC,
          We had our cocktail style reception at Archeo about a week ago. Overall, it was just as we wanted it.
          A few key points:
          - The staff on site was amazing, very attentive to everyone and a lot of guests pointed this out later
          - We did not get to sample any of the hors d'oeuvres beforehand (although we were told when we were booking that we would be able to) but they turned out great. We had an intimate setting with about 45 guests so we really went overboard with the food (I think about 14 hors d'ouevres per person plus a few stations at different points in the evening).
          - The only thing I didn't like about some of the stations (Porchetta, mini burgers and poutine etc) was the presentation (the meat was in one of those heated metal things (the exact name escapes me). Everyone loved the porchetta though.
          - The dessert station was great - we had ordered our cake separately (from Bobbette and Belle) but had Archeo's dessert station accompany it. I didn't have too many of the items from it (after all the hors d'oeuvres and the cake I was done) but our guests really liked it.

          Although we had a great time overall and managed to keep the whole event intimate and stress-free as we had hoped, there were a few glitches:
          - When we arrived to set up for the event, over 30 minutes after the time that the venue should have been opened to us, the doors were locked and there was nobody there we could contact. It took at least 15-20 minutes to find someone who could unlock the door for us
          - We were overcharged for the drinks. We opted for a no-restrictions open bar and given the small number of people as well as the number of light drinkers etc, it was physically impossible to go through the number of drinks we were charged for. It didn't matter too much in the end as due to the small number of people (45 guests), we barely went over the minimum spend. Also, on the day of, we were told that they only had one type of red wine available for us (we had requested and confirmed 3).
          - Our event coordinator: when we were first booking the venue, she was very responsive. After we had paid our deposits, things changed a lot: at one point it took a month to have an email answered.

          Overall, we were happy with the venue and the event. We loved the food and had a great time - despite the abovementioned glitches.

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            hi bellyhungry, just joined. my son and fiancee are looking at archeo for a reception next fall. i'm concerned about your experience regarding overcharging for alcohol-they are also looking for an open bar. are there any other glitches you can caution them with before they sit down with them. also are they open to negotiation?

            1. re: hbrunsk

              hi hbrunsk,
              I tried giving an overall opinion, and both positive/negative sides. Overall, I loved our event, as did our guests and I wouldn't have changed the venue if we did it all over again. That being said:
              - Open bar: as I mentioned, we did the math and it was physically impossible for our guests to go through as much alcohol as we were charged for (and given that we had some elderly people and that nobody really went crazy on the drinks). We wanted people to be able to drink whatever they wanted with no limitations and given our small guest count, it was ok. I'd definitely discuss with them though especially if your event is larger.
              As for negotiations, I think it depends. When it comes to pricing, they are likely to be set (there is no rental fee for the venue, but there is the minimum spend). Some added costs to consider are security (if I recall $250 per 100 people), furniture moving/storing fee if you need to re-arrange or move anything, etc.
              By all means, let me know if you have any other questions

              1. re: bellyhungry

                I'm getting a mixed picture of the place. Some aspects seem very good others appear iffy. How about transportation. Was there enough parking. How is public transportation to the area?

          2. Hi - it's been awhile since you posted this but I'm looking to host my wedding at Archeo as well. Do you have an update on food/service? I'd love to get your feedback!