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Aug 9, 2012 05:57 AM

Erin Hills Village Clubhouse (Milwaukee Area)

We've been talking about having dinner in the formal dining room at Erin Hills, but can't find any reviews/comments online other than a "first impressions" column from the Journal Sentinel from last fall.

It sounded really promising after reading that article and the dishes sounded delicious...but those are nowhere to be found on the menu now posted online.

Anyone had dinner there or heard anything about it?

I have had beers on the patio at the pub and it is a lovely place, but really curious how the food is at the fine dining restaurant.

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  1. While this type of setting [golf/county club] and dining is not my own style, I have several friends for whom this IS their thing, and none of them have ever eaten there. One of them was aware that the club has been chosen to host some big golf tournament in the next couple of years, and was planning to check it out.

    I did look at the menu on line; it gets more interesting once you get past the appetizers and steaks, which all seem fairly ordinary. Carol Deptola of the Journal-Sentinel seems to like it just fine, but I was unable to locate any other reviews. [There is a youtube video of her review, but it has more the feel of a promo piece than a critique.]

    1. I have only had lunches there but an acquaintance of mine has had dinner there a few times and liked it. But he also likes eating at the Mine Shaft so that speaks a bit to his culinary standards.

      I read Deptolla's review and I would swear she was reviewing another restaurant because the dishes she mentions having at Erin Hills sound unique and wonderful while the items currently on their online menu could not sound more mundane.

      It has been my experience over the years that 98% of golf courses and golf clubs are in the business of golf and the dining options are an afterthought as basically a courtesy to the hungry golfers. Erin Hills could theoretically be in that 2% that are the exception but based upon their online menu I tend to doubt it. I am also not going to take a chance when a steak there is $62.

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        "I am also not going to take a chance when a steak there is $62"

        Ha...yes that's why I posted this! Seemed like an expensive meal to take the chance on with nothing to back it up.

        Thanks for the replies.

        And yes, I also felt the same way in reading that article. It's like they de-foodied the menu which is especially disappointing since the area already has some basic fine dining options and could use something a little more interesting (we live in So. Wash. county).

        My husband will be golfing their soon with a friend and it was suggested we do dinner there afterwards. So, I may not end up having much choice in the matter and if we do go--I will report back for sure.