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Aug 9, 2012 05:13 AM

Kinbei - moderately priced sushi near Shinjuku

A friend who lived for a few years in Shinjuku recommended a place named Kinbei (03-3377-4655). She says the sushi is moderately-priced and very fresh. Anyone heard of it or been there? Thanks!

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  1. I have searched on the net, but I couldn't find much. It seems to be a local sushi, open at lunch for under 1000yens, and diner with simple nigiris, and some grilled fish specialities. Generally, at this price, it is a simplify lunch like donburi, ...

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    1. re: Ninisix

      Thanks very much, Ninisix, appreciate you running searches...If we try it, I'll report back.

      1. re: The Cookbook Addict

        Your friend just wanted to help to pay less ... a bit difficult to address !  Now, if you are looking for reasonable lunch at a sushi-yasan, in Ginza I recommend you sushi Taichi or sushi Ichi (one Michelin star), in Asakusa, sushi BentenYama Miyako sushi and in Shinjuku, sushi Takumi Tasuhiro (one star also), respectively with lunch at 2500yens, 3000yens, 3000yens,1800yens(chirashi sushi only).