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Any new 2012 Downtown Restaurants worth trying?

It feels like there have been a slew of new restaurants in the downtown and Arts District area this summer that I haven't tried yet. Haven't seen many CH reviews to guide me in the right direction. These are just a few that I had in mind:

Eat. Drink. Americano
The Parish

Is there anything out there worth trying?

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  1. I don't believe the Parish has opened yet.

    1. Parish opened a couple weeks ago, dinner only. Their fried chicken is fantastic.

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        Great Old Fashions as well, as good as Cole's

      2. Towne has great decor & pastry chef from Bottega Louie. The food is.... uhm...

        Parish's cocktails are rather fantastic. The fried chicken, the beets, shrimp, burger (though it is $17 !!#$@!$#) all top notch. Sadly, they have whiskey/whisky and they serve bone marrow. So yes, you'll see bone luging which may be great, or disgusting, depending on who you are. Just waiting for the brunch menu to start. And bring hundreds because cocktails are $12-16

        Out of them all, I still enjoy Blue Cow Kitchen the most, especially after all the suits leave post-HH.

        1. I just read about a new restaurant in the Broadway Theatre District called Alma. Has anyone eaten at Alma yet?


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            Enjoy Chef Taymor's plating, and most of his food. You can see the Pacojet murdering away if you sit at the counter.

            They really need a liquor license.

          2. Been to PARISH twice. For a brand-spankin' new restie, it's great...and already super booked and crowded. Might be the only downside. Anyone tried the Brazilian joint, Wood Spoon yet? Had a decent amount of peeps in there on Thursday.

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              Woodspoon is fantastic (though far from new - I think it opened in 2006). I ADORE the chicken pot pie, my husband loves the steak sandwich, and the pork burger is pretty amazing too.

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                Wood Spoon is a staple in the area, been there at least 6 or so years, and consistently good (although overly hot and loud mid-summer)

              2. You could also add Baco Mercat, Mo-Chica, Umamicatessan, and Little Bear to your list. Of all of them, Baco Mercat is my favorite.

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                  Baco Mercat is great, wish they were open for lunch, too (office is in that area and am feeling teased by Parish and Baco serving dinner only). Nature Leaf is my current favorite, amazing Mediterranean (kabobs, hummus, etc) fare (fresh juice, too)

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                    Baco Mercat is open for lunch here are their hours:
                    Monday - Thursday 11:30 - 2:30 / 6pm - 11pm
                    Friday - Saturday 11:30 - 3pm / 5:30 - midnight
                    Sunday 11:30 - 3pm / 5pm -10pm

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                      I called a couple days ago and was told otherwise. Weird.

                      Forgot to add Pattern (9th and Main) to this list, it's quite good - great sandwiches at lunch, interesting tapas too. Opened last winter.

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                        I've been to Baco for lunch as well, but if it's been changed, maybe for good reason. Whenever I've been for lunch, mid-week, it's always been rather empty.

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                        I've been to lunch there many times on the weekend, but I can't speak for mid-week. They have changed their hours several times since they opened.

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                      Baco Mercat was nominated in Bon Appetit magazine's 50 Best New Restaurants in the United States.



                    3. We tried Kitchen Table, the little two story building right next to Baco, a week or two ago and it has potential. I had an excellent beef tartare starter (with very modern plating, though I will say that the streaks of foams were more for visual appeal as they didn't add to the enjoyment of the excellent beef. But if they figure out how to make a Dijon foam, yum!)
                      My entree was simple, and good, but lacking the dynamics of the app.
                      The wine list is limited, but has a few interesting choices. Just wished the CA options included a couple wineries older than 2-3 vintages.
                      Beautiful location, too.