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Aug 8, 2012 10:42 PM

Solo meals in Portland

I am embarking on a solo weekend to Portland from LA. Was supposed to go with a bf, but we broke up and I still want to go see the city and try some of the amazing restaurants i've been hearing about! But what I dont want is to find restaurants where i feel conspicuously alone!

So. What restaurants/coffeeshops can you recommend that have a great bar where I can order food at a bar or without having to sit at a waiter service table? Or any other fun ideas?

I'm staying at the Ace and will have a car. Thank you! :)

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  1. This recent thread will help:

    More casual but good dining is found on the east side of portland (IMHO). Wandering up and down Alberta, Mississippi, close in stretches of Burnside (around 7th), Hawthorne, Division, and Belmont...will give you a taste of the food carts and restaurants and retail diversity.