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Aug 8, 2012 09:42 PM

Need a Philly/Cherry Hill update

We will be traveling to Philly from NJ, staying in Center City, then moving on for a short stay in Lancaster. We will be staying near trader joes in CC (I know they carry empire products), but thinking that we could stop for grocery shopping and lunch/takeout in Cherry Hill on the way in. We plan to combine a little cooking/grocery store take out with some restaurant dining as we are traveing with little ones who don't sit so well for multiple restaurant meals. So, looking for recommendations for:
1. Kosher food shopping/dining in Cherry Hill
2. Reliable hechshered restaurants in/near CC
3. A smart place to stock up again on prepared food/groceries before going to Lancaster.

Oh, and we know about Mamas. Yum, but our tummies can only handle so much!

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  1. Kosher experience in shop rite cherry hill. Take out and meat, chicken, etc. Cherry grill in cherry hill. I didn't like cherry hill and only had felafel at the pizza store so can't comment (esties besties)

    1. We ate at Cherry Grill the other night and enjoyed it. The menu was limited ,but the food was prepared freshly . My son had the fajita salad ,plenty of meat , great portion, well presented. I had the chicken fajitas, more like a burrito ,but delicious. My husband had the chicken marsala, nice sized portion, two large pieces of chicken; he enjoyed it.

      1. The best list of Center City restaurants is still from Mekor Habracha:

        All of the listed places are reliably supervised to my knowledge--with the only question mark being Singapore which I have not heard good things about. Most are IKC or Keystone K, the latter being glatt; the IKC places open on Shabbos. If you are really playing it safe, Mama's and are your best bets. But the IKC establishments will give you much more variety, and a better atmosphere--both Mama's and are casual takeout and counter service places. I know plenty of very observant Jews who eat the IKC restaurants, but also some who do not.

        As for groceries, the suburbs are your best bet, but you can get some prewrapped sandwiches (dairy) and snacks at the Old Nelson convenience store at 20th & Chestnut (underneath Mekor Habracha). No comment on the heckscher on the sandwiches.

        1. Best bet for groceries/take out is Kosher Experience in Shop Rite at Garden State (Rt 70/Haddonfield Rd). Under Cherry K Hashgacha (R Epstein). Fast food fleishig at - farther east on Rt 70. Order the $10 steak sandwich - tell them to undercook it and no gristle (they usually cooperate). Lamb burger rocks - under Keystone K. Farther east on Rt 70 is Cherry Grill - excellent Chinese and grilled steaks under OK. Esti's pizza is very good - Rt 38/Church Rd under Cherry K. In Philly don't bother with Acme in Ardmore very limited take out selections. Mama's and both's are good choices.

          1. In center city, I would recommend Felafel Bar for lunch with kids...casual environment and despite the name they have very different menu items than Mama' salads, paninis, etc. Blackbird Pizzeria in CC will deliver to your hotel, if you need a break from "eating out". The pizza is vegan but delicious. And I third Both locations have great food, although the one on south street has more room to sit.