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Aug 8, 2012 09:24 PM

The Thai Room @ Woodbine & Danforth

Haven't seen anyone talking about this new restaurant yet -- it just opened about a month ago, I think. I've been twice so far & really liked the food -- and there's a 25% discount for eat in or takeout (or 20% for delivery) until the end of September.

I'm not saying this is in the gourmet category -- but I enjoyed the food & ambiance more than at other neighborhood thai places in the area, and the menu seemed more extensive. They have a mixture of thai & malaysian dishes. So far we've had Coconut Mango Chicken, Thai Spring Rolls, and Sauteed Spinach (with broccoli, garlic, & something else I'm forgetting).

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  1. I will give this a try. Looks promising (more authentic) and not of the ilk of Ketchup Thai noodles that I detest. As a resident in pretty much "Greektown" , I need to go elsewhere and weather the invasion this coming weekend. :)

    1. We, too, are glad to have Thai Room in our neighbourhood. It isn't Kao San Road. It isn't destination Thai. But we have enjoyed everything we've had so far, and, as you said, the food, decor, and service are better than at any other Thai restaurant in the area.

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      1. Not been to Basil Thai Kitchen. We had lunch at the Thai Room today and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Great decor and ambience was my first impression. We had the tom yum soup, chicken pad thai and a red curry. The soup was a generous portion, and was very good - nice depth of flavour. The pad thai was good. It wasn't ketchupy in colour but it was a bit on the wet side for me. The red curry was delicious. I always spoon taste the curry sauce on its own first before I put it on my rice, and I was happy it passed the test. I am excited that there is something like this in my 'hood and I am certainly going to head back to try other dishes there.

        1. Tried it for take-out on Tuesday and enjoyed it. We had red curry vegetables, mixed vegetables and vegetable tom yam soup. Good, distinct flavours and the sauces were not over-powering.

          I was never a big fan of Basil Thai as we had old tasting shrimp in a dish there.

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          1. I had take-out tonight. The service was great, the food was fresh and obviously prepared with care, but overwhelmingly wimpy.

            Coconut chicken soup - no cilantro or galangal or fresh chilis. Very mild.
            Pad Thai - a decent rendition. Not the bright red ketchupy stuff you sometimes get.
            Red curry chicken - had all sorts of vegetables in it more reminiscent of a stir fry - snow peas, sliced carrot, baby bok choy, broccoli - but they stood up well to the curry which was nice and rich but lacking heat and fish sauce.
            Spicy beef salad - the beef was chewy and would have been better sliced very thin. It had a sweet sauce and not hint of cilantro, mint and chilis that you'd expect with this salad.

            I didn't dislike it, it just wasn't really authentic Thai food. I think all of the spice was added with dried chili flakes. Using fresh Thai bird chilis would improve their food dramatically.