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Aug 8, 2012 09:14 PM

Best snack to bring on a plane

I have a trip to Europe coming up soon and would like to get some advice on what I can pick up before my flight to bring on the plane with me. It has to be able to travel well and not be too smelly.

I'm thinking maybe paseanos but I'm concerned the sandwich might be too wet and not hold up well after a few hours. Does paseanos make any relatively dry sandwiches?

Maybe a bahn mi or a hoagie? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Dried fruit, hard cheese, dried salami, and savory crackers or baguette with whatever wine they're serving in flight!

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    1. re: letsindulge

      +1 on this one! On a previous flight, I've enjoyed a nice spread of salami, cheese, a baguette, crackers, and fresh grapes and apple slices.

    2. Busting out a Liveracce mid-flight would be hilarious.

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      1. re: barryg

        It may be a good thing...the smell could dissuade others from sitting near you!

      2. Thanks for the tips. Any thoughts on where to get the best portable sandwich or other food item?

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          My wife and I always take an italian hoagie for the flight to Europe - either Sarcone's Old Fashioned Italian or Paesano's Daddy Wad, which is my favorite (but it can be a little moist - maybe ask for it to be dryer). Sarcones has several dry-ish options that travel well for a few hours, at least.
          Our food on the flight back is usually much stinkier - no one really cares because most things smell better than airplane food being heated in large batches just before "feeding time." Just use a ziplock bag - or a nice tupperware which you can reuse to store food for the fight home or protect a fragile souvenir.

          1. re: caganer

            I often bring a Primo's Italian Diablo to my brother in CA and a close friend in FL. Holds well in a cooler.

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              +1 for the Sarcone's Old Fashioned Italian. It is my airport/plane sandwich of choice.

          2. I like nuts for this purpose. A handful of loose roasted ones or a slice of folded toast (to avoid sogginess) with peanut butter in the center.

            On the other hand I'm always slightly concerned that someone nearby has a nut allergy. As far as I know allergic individuals can contact the airline beforehand and have arrangements made, but I'm not sure the rest of the passengers would be similarly warned.

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            1. re: lamb_da_calculus

              On second thought...if whatever you are bringing through is too smelly or noticeable, TSA may comfiscate it. At PHL you never know.... You may want to stick with something prewrapped or sealed, or pick up something at the airport.

              1. re: bluehensfan

                TSA won't take your hoagie, they don't care about stinky food whatsoever. I've never had a problem and I fly pretty frequently and almost always with a hoagie or something similar. I don't imagine tourists with hoagies are a rare sight for Philly TSA agents...

            2. Soft cheese and water crackers are my regular. Add lox if you like. Get white wine or club soda from the air crew.

              This topic does not belong in a regional forum, by the way.

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              1. re: GH1618

                well, it does when the person wants specific thoughts on whether food from certain places travels well.

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                  It's a discussion of where to get good airplane friendly food in Philly so yes, it does belong here.

                  Cheese and crackers, the subject of your comment, have nothing to do with Philly or this discussion of where to get travel-friendly food here. You've managed a pretty awkward and contradictory juxtaposition of statements here...